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Friday, January 4, 2008
posted by My Klob | 3:43 PM | permalink

"Huckabee took 14% of the vote and came in fourth in the Iowa caucus among non-evangelicals according to the NBC Republican exit poll. Huckabee's principal voting block was female born-again Christian Republicans living in non-urban rural areas with a population below 10,000. I dearly love such people, but demographically in the country at large there aren't that many of them.When Huckabee moves out of caucus Iowa and into primary state America, he's going to get killed."

Michael Medved just said that is a lie, and that the majority of evangelicals voted against Huckabee. This is were Medved lies with statistics. You see, evangelicals split their votes among Huckabee, Romney, McCain, and Fred Thompson. So perhaps a "majority" of evangelicals did not support Huckabee, but what Rich Lowry said above. Huckabee came in 4rth among non-evangelicals.

But who cares? Why point this out? Am I offending Evangelicals? Well it all has to do with the story line. Medved is going on and on about how wonderful Huckabee is, and how positive Huckabee has been, and that Huckabee has not gone negative.

Huckabee is negative. Huckabee:

  • Called Mitt Romney a liar on many occasions. Saying Mitt Romney is "dishonest and desperate"
  • Said Mitt Romney is disparate (see above)
  • Suggested that Romney should commit suicide (Google it)
  • Huckabee's campaign manager said he would like to knock Romney's teeth out
  • Huckabee has continued to leave posts on his website for over a month now that say that "Mitt Romney worships Satan" and is a "piece of Mormon Garbage". Their are hundreds of these comments on Huckabee's website, which is a clearning house of anti-Mormon information
  • Said that Mitt Romney is lying running for president, and that he would lie once he became president

And Medved has the audacity to go on and on about how positive Huckabee's message has been.

Michael Medved, how are citizens supposed to pick a president? Who ever is the nicest? IS that how we should pick who is president? There is a song that says, you got to be cruel to be kind. It is much NICER that mitt Romney kindly point out that Mike Huckabee pardoned 1,033 people, 12 of whom were convicted murderers, than to have the Democrats release cruel and humiliating heartfealt interviews with the families of these victims, destroying Mike Huckabee and any future that he had.

Mitt Romney is not making this personal. Mike Huckabee is calling Mitt Romney names, saying he isn't a liar, and Huckabee's website says that "Romney worships Satan". Mitt Romney is doing what campaigns should be about: issues. Michael Medved is destroying our ability to reason by saying that being nice is more important than fighting it out and seeing who and what is correct, and who is the last man standing.

This is the time for us to "fight it out" in the war of ideas. If you go to Brittan, and you go to the house of commons, their is none of the "I would like to turn the time over to my esteemed colleague" stuff that you have in the US Senate. They have a nock down drag out fight, and that is what we need to figure out who is best qualified to take on the democrats.

Not a mean spirited fight. But a respectful, but honest discussion of the issues.

And the Ironic thing is that that is exactly how Medved treats his guest. I would like to listen to the Michael Medved show if he could never point out problems with what his guest were saying, like he wants Mitt Romney to never point out problems with the other candidates.

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Rush Limbaugh Beside Himself - He Tried to Warn Conservatives 1/4/07

Listening to Rush today… He is beside himself. In short, he has done everything he can to warn conservatives for confusing populism with conservatism. He is horribly disappointed in the voters and what they accomplished in Iowa voting with their hearts and not their heads. Yes, he acknowledges the angst of middle income families even though he doesn’t see it himself. If it is really so, then it is not for us to look to a person or a candidate to “fix” us and our problems. We are to tap into the American spirit of self-reliance. If we are looking to the government to save us than we might as well hand over everything else over to the government.

Rush says that he says all these things because he loves us, he loves America, and he is hurt that the people of Iowa have abandoned conservative principles.

He’s got a lot to say, and we would all do well to wake up and see what these choices are and will do to our country.

Don't forget insinuation that Romney's not actually Christian - his whole thing about how he has thing friend who is atheist but it's ok because he's honest and how he really hates people who "claim" to be Christian but then don't act like Christians (or happen to be Mormon - probably about the same thing to him).

I used to really like Michael Medved but he has become so dishonest and blinded in his defenses of Huckabee and McCain and attacks on Romney.

In his eyes, Romney can do no right and Huckabee can do no wrong. He has ignored or glossed over every nasty and underhanded thing Huckabee has done and he thinks Romney is the negative campaigner.

It's very disappointing, but I'm confident Medved will have to confront the truth evetually.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Good post, myclob.

Medved has spent to much time in the liberal movie industry. I take what he says with a grain of salt. I think everybody is over reacting to Huck's victory last,including Rush to a point. It sounds like he's losing faith in the conservative base and I'm not. Iowa is just a poor indicator on the base at large.Mitt had to earn every vote he got in Iowa and he rasied his national profile.s in NH it can be spun as a huge comeback..This thing really doesn't feel like a victory because of the demographic.Look at how poor Huck is doing in NH without the religious base.Hopefully the independents will bolt McCain in NH and go to Obama.

Medved has been extremely disappointing in the last few weeks. It is almost as though he thinks any adversarial process in politics is bad. I happen to think it makes the outcome better. People get more informed. Otherwise, all you have is a popularity contest. People making decisions based on irrational identity politics instead of on th eissues and merits of a given candidate. If Iowa rejected negative campaigning, they did it at the sacrifice of truth.

How is the kind of campaign the Medved proposes any better than TV is at covering say, the war in Iraq is? TV will always be fundamentaly flawed because people it presents Huckabee type sound bites that do not flush out the issues or stances of a candidate. They will always worship a candidate like Huckabee who is an entertainer, rather than a serious politician. They value the candidate who loves earned media because he gives them a story to report.

Finally, how are we supposed to judge candidates and their ability to compete against Obama and Clinton if they are not tested in their primary? Do you really think calling your opponent names like dishonest is going to deflect the Democratic money machine that is going to be pumping really negative ads your direction nationwide?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 4, 2008 at 6:18 PM  

I feel much of the same antipathy towards Medved as is expressed here. What makes his position so dishonorable is that he denys his own obvious bias! I do notice a common link here though, that is interesting. Medved, McCain, Brooks, most of the MSM, what do they all have in common? They are pro immigration. I think that is an important reason why they oppose Romney.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 4, 2008 at 8:52 PM  

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