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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
posted by jason | 10:43 AM | permalink

Mr. Ijaz, I just read your article claiming that Romney will automatically disqualify any Muslim for top level cabinet positions. But I found several problems with your story and of course some interesting personal circumstances of your own that require some attention. If you could answer these questions, as soon as possible, I would appreciate it.

  1. You claim Romney made this comment directly to you at a fundraiser. As journalist, how were you able to get into a fundraiser? I am assuming you paid the entrance fee.

  2. If you did pay the entrance fee, why would you donate money to Romney when according to the FEC records you solely donate to democrats? (Google search, “Ijaz Romney, page 2”)

  3. Why is Romney’s answer directly quoted yet your question is not?

  4. How are you able to remember Romney’s answer in such detail when in all probability you had no recording device, since press is not allowed at fundraisers?

  5. if you did have a recording device, are yo willing to share the whole conversation with the rest of the world?

  6. Why should I, a conservative who wants a conservative to win the presidency, believe the from-memory-account of a liberal pundit who donates quite regularly to the Clinton campaign?

  7. Lastly, do you always write articles that make you sound like a disgruntled job applicant? Just curious.

I know you’re a busy man, and keeping stories straight takes time and strategy, but when you are ready you can email me at Looking forward to your answers.


Jason P. Bonham
Romney's Faith and Value Steering Committee
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Jason, perhaps you could contact and respond, along with Mr. Ijaz's article, the smut-filled slate column currently front and center on I'm dumbfounded that msn would headline an article clarifying that mormonism IS a cult, Mitt Romney DID instigate the anti-Mormon calls, and it IS a valid question to ask a candidate about his underwear. I'm disgusted by Christopher Hitchens and his ludicris article.

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