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Sunday, November 25, 2007
posted by My Klob | 9:35 PM | permalink

This article helped convince me that Romney, not McCain was the best presidential candidate.
Now I have tons of great reasons not to vote for Giuliani...
This latest article from Newsweek is a must read for anyone who is following the presidential election. It is in the Dec, 03 2007 Issue and is by Evan Thomas and Suzanne Smalley of NEWSWEEK.
Here are some of my favorite parts, but you need to read the whole thing.
On Sept. 16, 1992, the police in New York City held a rally that spun out of control. The cops wanted a new collective-bargaining agreement, and they were angry at Mayor David Dinkins for proposing a civilian review board and for refusing to issue patrolmen 9mm guns. More than a few of them tipsy or drunk, the cops jumped on cars near city hall and blocked traffic near the Brooklyn Bridge. According to some witnesses, they waved placards crudely mocking Mayor Dinkins, the first black mayor of New York, on racial grounds, while at the same time chanting "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" to welcome Rudy Giuliani, the crime-busting former U.S. attorney who had arrived in their midst to shore up his political base.

It is not clear Giuliani knew exactly what he was getting himself into—he later denied that he did—but video shows him wildly gesticulating and shouting a profanity-laced diatribe against Dinkins...

Can you see Romney "wildly gesticulating" and "shouting a profanity-laced diatribe against Dinkins". Howard Dean's uncooth scream did him, in. I just can't wait till the republican party nominates this moron, and Hillary lets loose, and good bye Republican party...
Can you see Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, or Ronald Reagan, "wildly gesticulating" and "shouting a profanity-laced diatribe against" someone they just beat?
What does this story tell you about a guy? Sure drunken mobs love this stuff, but is the republican party a drunken mob?
...The next day the New York newspapers were sharply critical of Giuliani (a Daily News editorial called his behavior "shameful"), and Dinkins, years later, accused him of trying to stir up "white cops to riot." At the time, Giuliani refused to back down or apologize for his remarks, saying only: "I had four uncles who were cops. So maybe I was more emotional than I usually am."
But this is not the only time Rudy acted like a mad-man... Going to page 5
Loyalty has always been the greatest virtue to Giuliani, sometimes trumping all others. By loyalty, Giuliani's critics contend, he means "loyalty to Rudy." Disloyal subordinates learned this the hard way, even if they thought they were serving some higher master, like truth and justice. By the early '80s, Giuliani had risen to claim a top job in the Reagan administration Justice Department. At the time, the department was investigating McDonnell Douglas, the aircraft manufacturer, for making foreign bribes. Without telling career prosecutors who had been working on the case for months, Giuliani met with McDonnell Douglas defense lawyers. The career prosecutors were upset that a top official had gone over their heads, and wrote a letter to Giuliani expressing "shock" and "dismay," and warning that his secret meeting with the defense could undermine the prosecution's case. The letter leaked. Giuliani summoned the prosecutors, Michael Lubin and George Mendelson, to his office—and exploded.

"As far as I'm concerned, we were watching a madman," Lubin told Jim Stewart for his book "The Prosecutors." "I've never heard or seen anything like it, even in the movies . He ranted and raved for a full twenty minutes." Giuliani, who later dropped criminal indictments against four McDonnell Douglas executives as part of a plea agreement in which the company paid $1.2 million in fines, dismissed Lubin and Mendelson as "jerks." With petty vindictiveness, he withdrew a special Justice Department commendation awarded the two prosecutors.
When we have this guy as our Republican nominee, and Hillary kills him, don't say that we didn't warn you. You think Hillary isn't going to contact these people? You don't think Opera won't have them on her show? You think their won't be some Hollywood producer put together a YouTube video of them telling their story in dramatic fashion?
According to TIME (a very respected magazine): "Loyalty to Giuliani means staying out of his limelight"
"Loyalty to Giuliani means staying out of his limelight. Police Commissioner William Bratton discovered that in January 1996, when he made the mistake of posing for the cover of Time magazine in a trench coat to tout New York's astonishing success at fighting crime. Giuliani was not pleased; he ordered city hall's lawyers to start investigating Bratton's expenses, and the commissioner was gone in a couple of months... In truth, both men deserve credit for New York's turnaround. Bratton was a vocal apostle of the "broken window" theory of crime—that small acts of vandalism can create a lawless climate conducive to bigger crimes."
Rudy's one claim to fame was that he reduced crime, axed the police commissioner who had the most to with the crime reduction in New York. Rudy put his own ego infront of the safety of New York citizens. The next police commissioner was far from as effective...

Giuliani never found an equal to Bratton. The next commissioner, Howard Safir, was regarded as a "Yes Rudy" who tried too hard to please his master. ("I am very loyal to Rudy," Safir tells NEWSWEEK. "However, when I disagreed with him … I made sure I did it in private.") The police stepped up their stop-and-frisk campaign in poor, largely minority neighborhoods. A series of ugly police-brutality cases besmirched Giuliani's crimefighting record and alienated blacks and Hispanics. In 2000, when an undercover narcotics detective killed an unarmed security guard named Patrick Dorismond, who was black, Giuliani scoffed that Dorismond was no "altar boy." Actually, he was an altar boy—and had attended Bishop Loughlin high school.

So in order to KEEP YOUR JOB you had to kiss Rudy's butt... and if you are a guy like William Bratton, who is a vocal apostle of the "broken window" theory of crime, and you take any credit for it's success, Rudy axes you... Contrast this to the way that Romny gives Tom Stemberg credit for inspiring him to " get everyone health insurance" even though it was Romney who "assembled a team from business, academia and government and asked them first to find out who was uninsured, and why."
I think this is a great example. Rudy gets red of the guy who pushed the "broken window" theory, and takes credit, while Romney gives credit to Tom, and experts from business, academia, and government.


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