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Friday, November 23, 2007
posted by jason | 3:15 PM | permalink

Well he isn't quite done, but he is as good as done.

Fred Thompson seems to be enjoying what roller coaster aficionados across the globe can only dream of: an endless downward spiral. To the dismay of Free Republic, it looks like the actor turned actor turned actor, can't peddle with the big boys.

John Martin with the details:

But just what sort of factor Thompson will be is as difficult to figure out as the motivations, work habits and true ambitions of the candidate himself.

“It’s getting a little late for Thompson, who may have squandered an almost unprecedented opportunity,” said American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene.

No revelations here.

But Thompson is frustrated for another reason: He didn’t think he’d have to endure so much of the “inside-the-Beltway political B.S.” In being convinced to run, Thompson was swayed to think that he could “YouTube” his way to the nomination. He apparently thought he could bypass many of the traditional campaign rituals such as tromping from one Iowa diner to another or appearing on the Washington wise-guy shows.

Ahhh. Now I see. What a novel idea, hard work in a campaign. Who woul'da thunk it?
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I'm very much looking forward to seeing the nashing of teeth at Free Republic. The way things seem, it appears that it will be either Romney or Giuliani who takes this nomination.

I sense they particularly hate Romney because we gave them a fight there (oops! Did I say an inclusive we??? ;) and dared question the sacred cow that is Fred Thompson. Hmmm....

Now the rascals over there have decided that rather than deal with Romney, they're just going to ban anyone who likes him. Yes, "Free" "Republic." You can glean the respect just brimming from me, can't you?

Thompson has just not has his heart in this campaign. I'm still looking for the chart I saw that displayed the number of campaign stops the candidates made in a week recently in which Romney more than doubled the number made by Thompson. Any leads?

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