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Friday, August 31, 2007
posted by Anonymous | 11:43 PM | permalink
So, the Dems have gotten into some trouble for lining their pockets with money from a guy who is a fugitive and wanted in a fraud case. So, they have decided to give the money to charity instead of using it in their campaigns. Sorry, but did anyone ever think that maybe some of this money was from his Ponzi scheme? What about the poor victims who he defrauded? Why don't they give the money back to the victims of his crimes for goodness sake?
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I hate to sound like the Devil's advocate on this one, but a lot of times victims of Ponzi Schemes deserve their pain for their own stupidity. People who think that they can make something for nothing get what they deserve when they find out that it doesn't quite work that way. Giving to charity isn't such a bad idea.

Unfortunately, these fraud cases don't always look like you are trying to get something for nothing. That is the nature of the misrepresentation. They often involve eler abuse as well. I don't know the facts of his case, but I would bet money (something for doing nothing) on some of the people being in a vulnerable position. The law should protect those people from those who would scam them. Victim's of crime deserve restitution. We would take this money away from Mr. Hsu's lawyers, why not take it away from the Clintons?

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