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Thursday, August 30, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 9:36 PM | permalink
First, new numbers from IA (via Jonathan Martin)
Mitt Romney: 35
Rudy Giuliani: 12
Fred Thompson: 11
Mike Huckabee: 11
Tom Tancredo: 9
John McCain: 7
Undecided: 10
Beyond Romney's lead, it's interesting to note McCain has been passed by even Tancredo.

Second, apparently Fred is in (or will be on Sept. 6), but waiting just long enough to avoid debating (Sept. 5). I’m sure we’ll have more about this in the near future.

Third, an Iowa judge has decided that marriage cannot be denied to same-sex couples. Mitt’s response:

The ruling in Iowa today is another example of an activist court and unelected judges trying to redefine marriage and disregard the will of the people as expressed through Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act. This once again highlights the need for a Federal Marriage Amendment to protect the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.
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Interesting that Mitt has higher numbers than the next 3 guys, AND his lead itself is bigger then the next 2 guys.

By Anonymous General Lee, at August 30, 2007 at 9:59 PM  

And another reason for Mitt over Rudy and Fred. I have never been a single issue voter, but each day that passes I am more and more persuaded that we need a moral leader in the White House standing boldly against the wave of corruption, immorality, and the redefining of traditions.

The American Republic is at a crossroads. We can turn to bold, new leadership who will work to revitalize, reform, and even re-found the greatness of the country, or we can sit back and watch as the res publica corrodes around us.

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