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Thursday, August 30, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 11:10 AM | permalink
I think Rich Lowry has the right idea:
Once he's over the momentary embarrassment of his association with Craig, Romney is probably helped by this scandal at the margins. When a party is reeling from scandal after scandal—some of them involving gross sexual misconduct and adultery—the wholesome guy who is loyal to his wife and family is going to look more appealing.
The problem with nominating someone like Giuliani (and to a lesser extent McCain and Thompson) is that it looks like more of the same Washington scandal class (rightly or wrongly). Giuliani’s past just begs for people to draw the easy association to Congressional deviants who are unable to keep their personal conduct under control. McCain and Thompson’s multiple marriages also invite such comparisons, although to a lesser extent than Giuliani. Giuliani’s cries to the press to leave his personal life alone invite more scrutiny from a press who loves to unearth a cover-up, not to mention how precisely they echo a former president’s similar pleas.

Let me make clear that I don’t have any knowledge of personal misdeeds of these men. However, as some candidates have made the “electability” argument against Romney for “flip-flopping”, they miss the beam in their own “electability” eye. If Romney is easily attacked in the general election for insincerity, these men are ripe for attack for scandal. And scandal will be fresher in voters’ minds given its continued permeation in Washington culture.
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McCain and Fred may not be squeaky clean like Romney, but they are a far far cry from the moral depravity that surrounded Giuliani's personal conduct in office. This guy's skeleton closets have closets. It's a major liability going into a general election where "those corrupt Republicans" is likely to be a prevalent theme.

Great point Devon. I had been thinking only of Romney's shining example. People should also consider how another scandal will increase our dislike for the scandalous Rudy. As this is a two man race, Rudy going down = Romney going up.

Too bad. I still think Romney is the man and Craig well he is either a sick person or just a little stupid for not fighting back on the issue. MR08!

Am I the only one who thought it was slightly suspect that McCain was one of the first people to say that Senator Craig should have resigned?

McCain, by many accounts, has been known as a vengeful and vindictive person. It just seems a bit odd that McCain is running for President, and Larry Craig was the Senate Co-Chair of a different candidate's Presidential campaign. Since Craig wasn't supporting McCain, don't you think that it's a bit of a strange coincidence that McCain would go after the person who was helping lead the charge for one of his Presidential rivals?

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