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Friday, August 31, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 6:24 PM | permalink
Over at the Five Brothers Blog Tagg (Romney's eldest son) closes out August with a look back at the journey that Romney and crew have taken over the last 8 months (I've addd in links for some of the events if you want the details):
... I was recently chatting with a blogger from the Politico and we talked about each of the milestones that my Dad the candidate has hit since entering the race in January. It's remarkable really, and we have met or exceeded each goal we have set along the way. When he entered, few thought he had a good chance at winning. Then he raised $6.5M in one day in January. He won the CPAC straw poll in DC in February. In March, we won the first quarter "money primary" by raising $21M. In April, we won 10 and came in 2nd in 6 of the 17 total county straw polls in South Carolina. In May, the Gov clearly won the first GOP debate at the Reagan Library as well as the second debate in South Carolina. He also appeared in 60 Minutes, Jay Leno, and the cover of Time Magazine. And the campaign team signed up 30,000 new supporters in only 24 hours during Sign Up America!. In June, we scored another victory in the NH debate, Rudy and McCain both surrender by stating they won't attend the Ames Straw Poll, and my Dad jumps to first place in the polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Oh and we raised another $14M, keeping us in first place in total primary dollars raised on the GOP side. In July we launched the Mitt Mobile (and had Gretta do a segment on 3 of the 5 brothers), and hosted a huge 600 person fundraiser at Fenway Park and the Boston Garden (America's Calling). In August, Dad had another fantastic debate performance in Iowa (one of his strongest, I think), Josh visited his 99th county in Iowa, and then Dad went on to win the Ames Iowa Straw Poll, as well as many other straw polls around the country (e.g. state fairs in Iowa, Illinois, and other states).

Whether it's the new -- creative fundraising methods and Internet contests -- or the old -- phone banks and bus captains -- my Dad and his campaign have shown how the innovation, hard work, and problem solving skills he is famous for apply in a presidential campaign. He has hosted over 70 Ask Mitt Anything Town Halls totally open to the press and the public, made hundreds and hundreds of campaign stops all across the country, and put hundreds of speech clips up for viewing on Mitt TV. He's added to an impressive list of endorsers. He's unveiled detailed policy plans on dozens of topics including stopping a nuclear Iran, health care, immigration reform, protecting our children from pornography, tax reform, and other policies designed to keep America's families, military, and economy strong. As a result, I think he has become an even stronger campaigner and speaker than he was already. Who knows what the future holds, but I'm confident that the next month will be just as good and probably better than the last one.


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It has been great to have the Five Brothers Blog to share the journey with them.

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