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Thursday, July 5, 2007
posted by Anonymous | 2:52 PM | permalink
For some incomprehensible reason, Romney is catching press because pornography is available pay-per-view at Marriott hotels. Listen to this quote:

"'Marriott is a major pornographer. And even though he may have fought it, everyone on that board is a hypocrite for presenting themselves as family values when their hotels offer 70 different types of hardcore pornography,' said Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values, an anti-pornography group based on Ohio."

Does anyone actually believe that statement? Is this guy for real? So far, I have read very little to nothing about what Romney said or did on the Board that would have related to pornography. This article says it didn't ever come up that he knows of. But what this person is saying is that even if Romney opposed it on the board, he is a hypocrite for merely being on the board!!! That is ridiculous. First of all, there is little a single board member could probably do, but this person is saying even if he tried?

Even if he hadn't tried though, as a board member, Romney had duties to the corporation. "'It certainly would have been wrong to impose his own personal beliefs if they were contrary to the financial interests of the company,' Marriott spokesman Roger Conner said of Romney."

This episode should actually be a lesson to those of you out there who wonder whether Romney would be dictated to by someone or if he would do what is in the country's best interest as President. Romney understands that elected representatives have obligations to their electors. When he ran in MA, he ran on the basis that he would fix the financial situation there and he told the voters he would not change abortion laws. When they tried to liberalize laws related to emergency contraception, cloning and other areas, he stood in the way. He stuck to what he had told them he would do.

Romney is on record as decrying pornography. He is on record as supporting the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We can expect him to do what he has said he will do. He will stand in the way of those who would liberalize these laws. If you elect him, you elect him on the basis that he wants to continue leading society in a direction that respects life, women, family and that he will set aside his personal beliefs and be President based on that contract with us. This is much the way Reagan was. Reagan laid out beforehand what he intended to do when he was running for President. Much of this was different than what he had done in CA, but it was done on the basis of this is what you are electing me to do. Romney is the best kind of elected representative that way. You know you have someone who is competent, who is laying out what they want to do, who will continue sharing as much information as possible to show you where we are headed, and who will act in the country's best interest and not their own.
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The Bush family has vast ownership interest in Movie theatres. How come these Movie theatres still show filth? Why do I sense a double standard here?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 5, 2007 at 3:44 PM  

This guy sounds like he has a peripheral agenda besides fighting pornography, such as "I don't like Mitt Romney and I don't want him to be president."

And another thing, why would a man such as Mitt Romney live in country where pornography is allowed and people transport their lifestock in large open boxes pulled by trucks on the highway?????
What does this REALLY tell us about the man??
I bet he even owns things made in China.
Look for a 10,000 word "EXCLUSIVE" in Newsweek on Mitt's use of the word "HELL" in the tenth grade.

By Anonymous GeorgiaMom, at July 6, 2007 at 7:23 AM  

The bigger story out of this is Romney's blatantly libertarian statement on how he thinks adults should "do as the please."

That's a fantastic statement!

If the Romney folks had any sense, they'd be using that to reach out to the GOP's libertarian wing, most of whom, like me, are currently in the Giuliani camp.

BTW, I just reported on this at

I am shocked that you all cannot see what is wrong with Mitt serving on the Marriot board and seemingly doing nothing about the porn which is sold in those rooms.

Marriot is owned by my fellow Mormons. Mitt is a Mormon. Where is the willingness to do the right thing? Other hotels like Days Inn no longer sell porn! It is possible!

I am not voting for Mitt. I am leaving that bandwagon. The bottom line seems to be more important that doing the right thing.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 6, 2007 at 9:53 AM  

Good point! That dastardly Mitt! Why stop there though? I mean, I highly doubt the man did anything to curtail the policy of allowing unmarried couples to share a room! For shame, Mr. Romney! I don't care that you will do a better job leading America than the other candidates. I can't vote for you because you refused to override the rest of the board and legislate chastity! Fred or Rudy certainly would have banned porn, and they are getting MY vote!

"If the Romney folks had any sense, they'd be using that to reach out to the GOP's libertarian wing, most of whom, like me, are currently in the Giuliani camp."

Why in the world would a libertarian be in the Guilani camp, have you looked at his record as Mayor? Here's a quote:

"Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do," - Rudy Giuliani, March 1994."

In case you weren't aware, black is to white what authoritarian is to libertarian.

I think Mitt still doesn't understand the pornography issue. I am a big supporter and so is another coworker but we were both put off by Mitt's comments and particularly by the spokesman for Marriot saying that basically money was all that mattered. Mitt sounds like the unevolved 1994 Mitt on this issue. I still think he's the best candidate but he needs to think about where he stand on this issue more.

So is Mr. Romney watching porn movies? Or just breathing the same air pornographers do? It matters 'cause I hate porn, but I have probably shared an elevator or maybe even neighborhood with pornographers, maybe I even bought gas at a station where the clerk had a pornography habit so now I'm encouraging pornography and oil consumption. And now I'm afraid it disqualifies me for public office. What happened to the good old days where pornography was illegal and us decent folk didn't have to worry about it affecting our careers?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 6, 2007 at 4:43 PM  

Not that I am endoring pornography. I do wish to make it more difficult to access, unlike how it is now (Go! CP80 Go!). But, it has been determined by US Superior Court that pornography is indeed a protected rights for adults. Really, Mitt, Rudy or Fred could not do much about it if any of them do win the presidency. Finally, some of you have declared that it is a shame that Marriot chain is owned by Mormons. Yes, that is true. What you probably did not realize is that it is NOT ENTIRELY runned by Mormons. There are a lot of divisions running by different set of people, many of them are not Mormons. So, the question then is, have we made enough wave so that the executive officers, which handle many, many and many decisions daily, realized that pronography is provided by their company.

What is the argument here?
Are people saying folks SHOULD imposed their religious beliefs on others?
You all cannot have it both ways.
One minute the bigots are yelling that Mitt WILL impose his beliefs on others and now the biggots are yelling because he WILL NOT.
Just admit you don't like him because he is a Mormon and your arguments will not sound so stupid.

By Anonymous GeorgiaMom, at July 7, 2007 at 8:09 AM  

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