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Friday, July 6, 2007
posted by jason | 7:58 AM | permalink
Rudy, has had a good haul on the fundraising. He was the first place fundraiser in the GOP and I believe has the most cash on hand. He has a likable demeanor and has shown McCain what "Straight Talk" can be.


It would be just nice to know... what...he...thinks...of...

Roe V. Wade.

I mean good or bad. Thumbs up or thumbs down. Yea or ney.

We know he thinks abortion should be legal. We know he is OK with public funding depending on the circumstances. We also know he is OK with constructionist judges, and he is OK Roberts, Alito, Thompson, and Scalia.

What we don't know is if this formal federal prosecutor is OK with the 1973 law the finds a right to abortion in the first term. We don't know if he thinks it is good law. We don't know if he thinks a landmark ruling that made a special privilege that didn't exist in the constitution was in fact good.

Why don't we know? Because he won't tell us.

Mr. Giuliani invoked Ronald Reagan's name repeatedly, and always as a model. There is an element of political calculation in that -- Mr. Giuliani is trying to reassure the so-called cultural conservatives that if they liked Reagan, they'll love Rudy. But can he overcome the perception that he's a culturally liberal, pro-choice New Yorker who's to the left of his own party on a number of issues? He says that his differences with the party on cultural issues are "sometimes exaggerated for political purposes." On Roe v. Wade, he says, astutely, "I don't answer that because I wouldn't want a judge to have to answer that. I don't consider it a litmus test." But he may give the pro-life crowd jitters when he adds, "I think a conservative strict constructionist judge could come to either conclusion."

I think we used to know:

LARRY KING: "Do you still favor 'Roe v. Wade?'"

RUDY GIULIANI: "I am pro-choice, yes."

What gives Rudy? Fine, you're pro-choice. If you're the nominee we need to deal with that. But does it really matter to pro-lifers when you say you will appoint strict constructionist and somehow are not willing to open up on the validity of Roe V. Wade? Since you won't answer it now, and you favored it in February, I am left only to infer.
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