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Thursday, February 22, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 6:01 AM | permalink
Rudy Giuliani, why rudy can't win, mitt romney for presidentHonesty is a good thing! Here's a post by Karol at AlaramingNews. Straight talk about Rudy's chances in 2008:
I love Rudy Giuliani. He was a phenomenal mayor of New York and a major influence on why I fell in love with politics. Previous to him, I had never seen a politician make an actual, tangible difference. He was beyond impressive. I've called him my all-time favorite politician. I've writen that he's the man. I get all emotional over Rudy.
I think its fair to say that everyone has a bit of emtion around Rudy. There is something untouchable about the guy because of his association with the day that changed us all. Karol continues:
But I've worked in elections in four states, two blue states (NY and PA), one red state (GA) and one purple state (CO). I know who votes in Republican primaries. I know they are not like the blogosphere. I know what matters to them. And I know that Rudy, as phenomenal, amazing, terrific, the bestest as he is, can't win. The abortion issue alone will cripple him. Abortion politics are central in primaries on both sides. And that's just the tip of the iceberg in this case.
This is also fair and true. Sadly, Rudy's unrepentant pro-choice stance (even pro-partial birth abortion!) will likely sideline his chances in the GOP primaries. MOre from Karol:
I've never wanted to be so wrong about anything. I will eat every one of my words, happily, if what I am predicting won't come to pass. I will celebrate a Giuliani candidacy so sincerely. And I truly believe that if he makes it out of the primary, he wins. I just don't think he makes it out.
Thanks for your honesty Karol.

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