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Thursday, February 22, 2007
posted by jason | 9:06 AM | permalink
Ankle Biting Pundits
Bull Dog Pundit
Over at Ankle Biting Pundits, Bull Dog Pundit decides to write an attack article on Romney, only he really makes a telling comment about his impartiality:
As for Romney, I haven't examined his record as Massachusetts Governor closely enough to form an opinion one way or another.
I find it humorous that on one hand you can take time to write a long article explaining how Romney is finished yet on the other hand have had no time to examine his record as governor- a record which speaks well for Romney.

Are ABP readers this dumb? Guessing from the comments section I would say no. ABP is a pro-mcain bent blog who's owner actually works for McCain (not Bulldog pundit.) As one reader points out:
Ok, lemme ask the obvious question here - since you are taking the time to write this article bashing Romney, why the hell haven’t you examined his record as Governor?

Wait, have you even read his Wikipedia page? I am betting no.

You and Patrick are cut from the same cloth on this one thing. Romney makes a comment about something and both of you are like "oh, that’s it, he’s through, he’s done, it’s over!" - (then the next day he goes out and raises $6 million)
Of course Bulldoge has a wonderful excuse to offer the reader:
Why haven't I had time to get into Romney’s record - it’s called having a 2 month old daughter.
Ok, I have kids my self, and both were once 2 months old. Last I checked I wasn't tied up all day feeding and changing diapers. Most 2 month old babies sleep large amounts. And please, the baby is two months old, Romney's been a name in this game for over a year!

Keep up the great research ABP, it's awesome. I look forward to more attack articles on a candidate's who's records you refuse to examine


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