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Thursday, March 20, 2008
posted by Timotheus | 3:58 PM | permalink
I previously urged folks to vote Hillary Clinton as a strategic vote. With more influential people than me urging the same, we may be having an effect.
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Just as your support for Willard was incredibly wrongheaded and uninformed so to is your thought to support another liberal without a clue.

Instead of trying to be "smart" you should be contacting McCain's campaign en masse.

Hey Winghunter, your ignorance is astounding. First off, read the article. Conservatives are crossing over to vote for Hillary in the PRIMARY, not the general election. Second, If you are in fact a McCain supporter, as it appears you are, calling Mitt supporters Wrongheaded is not a very good way to get them to do what you want. Third, I havent really seen McCain reach out to the conservatives in a way that would bring us out en masse. You need more than "I'm slightly better than the alternative" to really energize people. McCain would do well to put Romney on the ticket. Not only would it energize the conservatives, it would fill McCain's biggest gap - the economy - at a time where economic knowledge and leadership is sorely needed in this country. Think about that before you go spouting off about Mitt supporters being "wrong-headed".

For the record I voted for Mitt in the Ohio Primary because I would not be able to live with myself if Hillary became president and I had a part in keeping her campaign alive. Mitt won 3% of the vote here but I took pride in pulling the lever for him.

Boy, winghunter, with shots like those at your Republican "friends", who needs enemies?

So if we abandon the Republican primary to vote for Hillary and thereby don't vote for Senate and House candidates, what alternate method are we going to use to develop the congressional leaders that we are going to need to counter the liberal agendas of Clinton, Obama, and McCain?

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