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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
posted by Timotheus | 7:07 PM | permalink
I interrupt my regularly scheduled jury trial to chime in here. I thought Obama's speech was a disaster. First of all, I thought Obama dragged himself into a controversy and sought to explain it for far too long. I don't think he diffused it. In fact, I think that overall, more Americans probably know about it now than did before but still know very little about the controversy. He gave the controversy legitimacy it did not have and bogged the speech down with it.

I also found Obama's speech problematic on several fronts. One of those was the attempt to tie in slavery, the principles of the consitution, and racism generally into what is only tenuously relatable. He shrouded himself in a cloak behind which I don't think he should hide. I guess the subtle message was, whatever you think about my pastor, lets talk about slavery.

Another one of those was this notion that a person is and can be separate from their associations. This is where Obama's condemnation of his pastor clashes with his approval of him. No, I'm not saying the guy needs to refuse to speak to him, but I happen to think that what church you associate yourself with says a lot more than Obama wants to fess up to. I have never understood people who say, I disagree with this and this about my church, but I was born ______ and I will die ______ (fill in the appropriate church).

Which left me with the overall conclusion that Obama really lacks moral definition. I happen to think that the guy has a lot of good qualities about him, but I don't think one of those is a solid grounding on principle that when he hears something he disagrees with he will stand up and say, that is not the case. He is much more prone to let it slide. In reality, I think Obama was just fine being in that environment. It didn't bother him. Only when he was forced to take a position on it because it was developing into a controversy did he take that stand. I don't doubt that he disagrees with the rhetoric now, but that aspect of him is a recent development, it seems to me (recent enough that even Mitt "flip-flop" critics should be really skeptical).

To some extent, I chalk this up to the lack of leadership experience. Obama is not a leader. He may be good at rallying, but he is not the person who is going to look in the face of death and make the tough choices that need to be made. John McCain is that man. He is the guy that if someone were saying something he didn't agree with, he would stand up and tell them how he feels.

So, for me, the speech was worthless. I wish he had just given a speech on the greatness of America and how it should be the desire of every man, woman, and child of this country to see to it that we fulfill the dream defined by Martin Luther King, Jr. Racism exists. I am currently handling a hate crime case and I can attest that there is some horrible, horible, racism out there. I must honestly confess though that I think Obama failed to transcend the political circumstances of his current political situation and failed to truly project a concept of unity that left me rallied to the cause.

To that extent, I think the speech will fail where it could have been succesful, which is leaving a lasting mark on the American political landscape. Of course, I have been wrong about predictions in the past. I thought Mitt would win Iowa.
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Who do you blame for the looted Treasury and Two Lost Wars?



Obama has made it this far because the media has given Obama a free pass (too busy attacking Mitt and others) and they have done their best to continue to help him to the White House. Even now, the media is praising Obama for addressing the race issue head on. Are people being sucked in by this garbage? Unfortunately they are.

This is not just one particular sermon by Mr. Wright (does not deserve the title “Rev.”) and the Obamas have been part of his flock for 20 years??!!! I gave Michelle Obama the benefit of the doubt when she said the “first time in my life I’m proud of America” bit. But now it’s all starting to make sense. Whether they will admit to it or not, the Obamas have been influenced by this hatefilled man. How Mr Wright can profess to follow the teaching of Christ is laughable if it weren’t so sad. Now we know what kind of change Obama wants to bring to this country.

So tell me, all you rich white men who have endorsed Obama (that includes the Kennedys and the Hollywood elite of course), how do you feel about your choice now?

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