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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 10:17 AM | permalink
I find it interesting that Barack Obama’s continuing difficulties because of Jeremiah Wright are being framed in the context of two things it is definitely not about: race and religion.

This controversy is not about race. If anyone made the claim, and I have yet to hear it, that Obama is being criticized because of his race they are wrong. It is not the color of Obama’s or Wright’s skin that is the subject of controversy. No rational person would equate Wright’s anti-Americanism with the color of his skin, unless we are to believe that skin color determines nationalistic attitudes (which is patently absurd). It is Wright's inflamatory statements themselves that have engendered controversy and not his skin color. Perhaps Wright would say the two are inseperable, but, again, skin color does not determine the content of character. Thus, those who frame the controversy in the context of race are not navigating the facts, but are pushing a headline that is detached from the story.

Likewise, the controversy is not about religion. Wright’s comments are not theological, but are political. It is not the tenets of Obama’s faith that are in question. No one is asking about his belief in God or his belief in the divinity of Christ or any other doctrinal question. No one has suggested that Obama should be disqualified because of his beliefs in spiritual matters. This is distinct from Mitt Romney’s experience where it was doctrinal differences over such things as the nature of God or post-mortal life that were the subject of controversy. Wright’s statements cannot be resolved by resort to religious sources. The slight convergence with religion that this controversy has is because of Wright’s title and the location of the remarks. Wright is a pastor and the remarks were given in a Church. Those facts alone do not make the controversy about religion. The controversy is about religion only insomuch as Obama proclaims religious belief in the statements that Wright made, something that Obama seems unlikely to do.

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One more reason why Mitt's early exit was so monumental...not only did it keep this nonsense from happening in our party, but it also accentuated all of this happening in the Democrat party. With Hillary and Obama getting at each other's throats on a daily basis, we see who they really are and it makes a much clearer case for voting for McCain.

Obama has a hard time making the case that he's been a victim of discrimination. He actually had a fairly privledged up bringing which is why a lot of people say he isn't black enough.This speech was fence straddling all the way. He needed to keep the black voters on board which he did by invoking that slavery is the reason for their plight.Bridging the racial divide is a platitute to white liberals.The old crumbling schools thing is just another reinforcement of black victimzation which most people are tired of hearing about.He would have gotten a lot more milage out of the speech if he talked about personal responsibilty and two parent families like his.To downplay Wrights comments saying that whites sit around thier kitchen tables condeming blacks was also a cop out and liberal excuse making. I also wonder if Obama has ever benefitted from affirmative action and what his current views are on it.

Doesn't this argument over Obama's religiosity and the venom spewed by his pastor really expose how overblown Mitt's religious beliefs were? Maybe this helps innoculate Mitt against attacks on his religion down the road. Hopefully after he gets the VP nom:>

I agree that Obama has once again squandered a perfect opportunity for him to endear himself to America. There would not have been any question about the nominee would be if he could have answered the Spitzer question (not the new one, the old one, rememeber driver licences?). After two weeks of condemning Hillary over her answer to that question, when he was posed with the same question he looked like a deer in headlights. Now after condemning Hillary and Bill for weeks of playing the race card and doing nothing but bringing hate to the table, Barack has decided to go for the "Every black church hates, my white grandma uses the n-word" route? REALLY?.

It seems like America is desperate for a leader and will give the jobs of leadership to anyone who shows a semblence of ability but no one seems to want the jobs. I hope that Mitt does get the nod and that he can help us do what needs to be done.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 19, 2008 at 9:04 AM  

Obama has made it this far because the media has given Obama a free pass (too busy attacking Mitt and others) and they have done their best to continue to help him to the White House. Even now, the media is praising Obama for addressing the race issue head on. Are people being sucked in by this garbage? Unfortunately they are.

This is not just one particular sermon by Mr. Wright (does not deserve the title “Rev.”) and the Obamas have been part of his flock for 20 years??!!! I gave Michelle Obama the benefit of the doubt when she said the “first time in my life I’m proud of America” bit. But now it’s all starting to make sense. Whether they will admit to it or not, the Obamas have been influenced by this hatefilled man. How Mr Wright can profess to follow the teaching of Christ is laughable if it weren’t so sad. Now we know what kind of change Obama wants to bring to this country.

So tell me, all you rich white men who have endorsed Obama (that includes the Kennedys and the Hollywood elite of course), how do you feel about your choice now?

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