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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 8:17 PM | permalink
The transcribed interview is here. I'm still looking for the full video.

Update: Here's the full video


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It might be time that this blog change it's name from MyManMitt - Mitt Romney for President to MyManMitt - Mitt Romney for Vice President.

It can't hurt to get the idea out there to McCain and his peeps that Romney would be a fantastic pick for VP.

Mitt is a bigger man then most politicians. He will do what is best for himself and the country. If that means run as VP to attempt a rally of conservatives to McCain. That is what he'll do. Like with family, Mitt does what is best for himself and the family. He will do in this circumstance what is best for himself and his country.

Oh how I miss Mitt. ha.

I don't think I've seen Mitt looking so relaxed as I saw him on the Hannity show. TOTALLY and completely relaxed. Almost like he was glad this whole thing was over!!! With what there is to choose from this coming November, Mitt is obviously the best choice for POTUS. I don't think McCain will pick him because he is not a dumb man - he knows Mitt will outshine him everywhere they go. Hmmmm..... young, handsome, tall, vital Mitt Romney standing next to short, squatty, ferret-looking McCain....

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