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Thursday, February 7, 2008
posted by jason | 11:34 PM | permalink
Matt Lewis:

I know this has been written about a lot today, but I think Mitt Romney did an honorable thing today. By stepping aside, he sacrificed his personal glory for the good of the movement, the good of the party, and the good of the country.

Had things gone a little different, he might be the nominee right now. And keep in mind how far he came; few people knew his name a year ago.

Ultimately, some conservatives still had their doubts about Romney -- but I think this race might be his '76 race. He has proven his conservative bona fides. Don't be surprised if he's the VP pick this year. And even if he's not, I wouldn't be one bit surprised if we someday have a President Romney.

I think it's fair to say Romney earned more in one speech with conservatives then he did in the last 2 years. I think it's fair to say, that we have not seen the last of Mitt. Right now we have new things to focus on, but Mitt will still be our guy.
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What I'm going to miss is all the good discussion here on the blog and all the people.

I teared up a bit when he said he was suspending his campaign but I think he did the right thing. Here's to 2012 and I sure hope this blog is still around when that time comes!

Jeffrey w,

Don't worry there is a lot in the works, both short term and longterm.

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