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Monday, January 21, 2008
posted by jason | 11:19 AM | permalink

Here at MMM it seems like we have received a few emails from Fredheads who are now thinking about Romney. I first want to say welcome. Fred really began to grow on me in the last couple months with his substantive policy proposals and his witty responses in the debates.

I know a lot of Fredheads were drawn to Fred after a long hard look at his positions and policy proposals, and for good reason, Fred is a great conservative. As you begin to look at Mitt more seriously I hope you understand what has made us Mittheads closely resembles what made you Fredheads: conservatism, ability to articulate, devotion to family, intellect, etc.

If you want to share your opinions, we would love to here them, email us at We'll even post them if you want.
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Welcome, Fredheads! I totally agree with what was said about Fred Thompson. He began to grow on me the past couple of months as well because I too liked his conservatism. It is truly too bad that he entered the campaign late, etc.

Fredheads, you will also see that Mitt is a full-spectrum conservative. We welcome your support as we go into Florida.

Mitt, Mitt, he's my man.
If he can't do it,
Nobody can.
Just a little cheerleader humor...

Ditto. After hearing Fred in the debates an on Hannity a couple of times, He is a strong 2nd choice.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 21, 2008 at 3:31 PM  

Romney said recently:
"I don't have lobbyists at my elbows that are arguing for one industry or another industry. And I do not have favors I have to repay to people who have been in Washington for years nor scores I have to settle. I am going to Washington to make things happen. And somebody doesn't put the kind of financial resources that I have put into this campaign and the personal resources that I have put into this campaign in order to do favors for lobbyists. I'm going to Washington to help the American people. And that's what this campaign is all about."

I trust Mitt Romney.

But, you don't have to swallow any of my koolaid. Research for yourself and make a decision that is right for you. If you choose Mitt, you made a great choice and we welcome you around.

Mitt Romney, the most intelligent choice to give executive power.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 21, 2008 at 6:19 PM  

I like Fred Thompson. I'm a Mitt supporter. But why don't we Mitt supporters wait until voters actually make up their minds before assuming all the Fred supporters will join up with team Mitt.

Of course all the Fred Heads are welcome here with open arms.

Let's not be too hasty or presumptuous though.

Fred Heads!
First I want the Fred Heads to know that we are mad about the push polls in SC that were launched By the Huck camp against Fred saying that he is not pro Life. I know this is an outright lie that the Huck camp used. I just got a push poll from the same number that was used by the Huck camp to falsify Freds record except this one is anti Romney It says pretty much that Mitt is not Prolife. This is another
un-American lie towards a prolife candidate. The poll is ugly, anti and has Huckabee’s name all over it.
This group is doing his dirty work and I hold Huckabeen directly responsible. A Huck fan said that Fred is not a spit in the barrel. Also why would he care about Freds poor showing etc etc and he mentioned Huck would not do this with his little un funded campaign and it makes no since. Wow! Lets do some rocket research. Everyone knows that votes taken From Fred would put Huck a little closer to a win over McCain. Every one of those push polls gave Huck a better chance for those that did not know what Fred or Mitts positions really are. Huck is dirty and yet still claimed that he ran a decent campaign in his closing speech. Who is he kidding?

Fred Heads and Mitt Heads against Huckabee's lying comittee.

Sport from Florida

Welcome aboard!

Supporting another once your's has lost can be painful. Those who refuse to vote or write in Fred's name are only demonstrating their stubbornness and foolish pride. Get behind someone who approximates your views, i.e., Mitt Romney, and can actually win.
I won't even consider someone like Ron Paul if for no other reason that he hasn't a chance of winning.

Dear HTS, It's clear you're no where near understanding the Fredheads. Romney has always been a conceivable 2nd choice for me; but your comment offends,and fails to persuade. If I go to the polls tomorrow and cast my vote for Mitt instead of Fred, in your mind I'm putting away my foolish pride. What if Mitt fails to beat McCain? Shall I come back tomorrow and ask you to forget your foolish pride and support McCain in the national election because he "approximates your views" closer than Obama or Mrs. Clinton. That's plain idiocy, and you would find that an enormous pill to swallow. Each step of the way we sell out on another piece of the conservative vision. I want to believe that Romney is the way to go, but I still don't see a bridge to Mitt from the clear Frederalist perspective.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 4, 2008 at 5:30 PM  

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