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Thursday, December 27, 2007
posted by Anne | 2:27 PM | permalink
Romney is getting attacked in Iowa by Huckabee, and McCain in New Hampshire. WaPo on McCain vs. Romney: The Sequel. Consider the WaPo is MSM, and McCain looks to be their media darling again (while largely giving Huckabee for Hire a pass).

McCain's conservative positions are as much a product of coming from a conservative state as Romney's moderate positions were a product of running as a Republican for governor in a liberal state.

They are both leaders, but McCain's a maverick, Romney's a manager. Other than national security and pork-busting McCain has no consistent philosophy but service to country. On most issues he has the mindset of the Left--balancing the budget rather than cutting taxes, government regulation and caps on campaign donations rather than free speech and transparency, global warming mandates. Romney has lived his life as a conservative, demonstrated decisive success in the private sector, turned around the Olympics, and when he governed, sought solutions and consensus based on a free-market model.

Powerline on Romney's Point, that McCain has flunked Reagan 101:
Both responses by McCain have this in common -- they fail entirely to address the substance of Romney's criticism. The reason, of course, is that McCain has no good response. He did oppose tax cuts, support for which does lie at the essence of Reagan conservatism. Similarly, he did support comprehensive immigration reform and his line on that support now is a grudging acknowledgement that the American people (though not necessarily McCain) want border security first.
Given the choice, I'm for Romney every time.

For latest polling, go here and here.

For updates, go here.

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i am glad someone is still backing the fairy tale king.

Jason, this morning you posted on race42008 that you were "calling" the race for Mitt (that he would win). I cannot find it now. Can you email your post to me at

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