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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
posted by jason | 12:50 PM | permalink
It's no surprise a liberal rag is coming out against the leading conservative in the state of New Hampshire. If Romney plays his cards right, the Anti-Endorsement could really be a blessing in disguise.

And it looks like they are. From the Romney Campaign Press Shop:

The Concord Monitor Editorial Board Personally Attacked Gov. Romney:

UPI Headline: "Liberal N.H. Newspaper Slams Romney." "Romney campaign spokesman Kevin Madden told CNN the criticisms were taken in stride. 'The Monitor's editorial board is regarded as a liberal one on many issues, so it is not surprising that they would criticize Governor Romney for his conservative views and platform,' Madden said." ("Liberal N.H. Newspaper Slams Romney," United Press International, 12/24/07)

Not Surprisingly, The Concord Monitor Editorial Page Takes Liberal Stands On Many Issues:

The Concord Monitor: Remove "Under God" From The Pledge Of Allegiance. "[W]ith school starting this month, it's a good time for teachers and principals to ask themselves what they're accomplishing by bringing God into the classroom each morning. Of course, Congress and the president could undo 'under God' in a snap, removing the language as quickly as it was added. Want to make the presidential candidates squirm? Ask them why they think 'under God' belongs in the classroom and in our national pledge." (Editorial, "Courts Aside, Do We Want 'God' In The Pledge?" The Concord Monitor, 8/22/07;

The Concord Monitor: Driver's Licenses For Illegal Aliens "A Good Idea."
"The public does appear soundly opposed to granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, though for reasons of public safety if nothing else it's a good idea." (Editorial, "Immigration Debate Ripe For Demagoguery," The Concord Monitor, 12/3/07;

The Concord Monitor: School Choice "Should Be Shot Down."
"Legislative proposals for school vouchers have come up again and should be shot down again. Vouchers rob public schools of badly needed money and, if the money is given to a religious institution, are unconstitutional." (Editorial, "Voucher Schemes Rob Starving Public Schools," The Concord Monitor, 3/8/06;

The Concord Monitor: "A State Income Tax Should Be Part Of The Discussion."
"Pass the income tax without condition, meaning the income tax would take effect whether the amendment passed or not. Then consider the amendment on its own merits. Then it would almost certainly pass. But there is an even easier way for the Legislature to protect taxpayers from willy-nilly expansion of the income tax's uses. This is through the legislation itself. The Legislature could stipulate that income tax revenue be used only to pay for public schools and only on a formula approved by the Legislature. … Once the Legislature defines 'adequate,' it will have to figure out how to pay for 'adequate.'" A state income tax should be part of the discussion." (Editorial, "An Income Tax Should Pay For Education Only," The Concord Monitor, 2/26/07)

The Concord Monitor: "The Time Has Come" For Civil Unions; Gay Marriage "Eventually."
"Earlier this month, voters in seven states approved constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Society isn't ready to broaden the definition of that sacramental word to include the union of two men or two women. But it is only a matter of time. The young are far more tolerant on matters of race and sex than their elders, and their attitudes will eventually be reflected at the polls. … New Hampshire has been on the wrong side of this civil rights debate. Its lawmakers have refused to grant equal freedom to all. The time has come for that to change." (Editorial, "State Should Grant Gay Couples Equal Rights," The Concord Monitor, 12/1/06;

I am sure the Concord Monitor likes McCain because he is the most conservative candidate in the field.
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It may have been a misprint, but don't you mean McCain is the least conservative or more appropriatly, the most liberal
candidate of the bunch?

Frankly if Romney got endorsements from liberal/MSM outlets like the Concord Monitor, NH Union Leader, and the Boston Globe, I'd be second guessing my support for him

McCain can have all of these endorsements!

I'll take National Review, David Keene of the American Conservative Union, hugh Hewitt, and the "non-endorsements" from Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham!


Just employing some sarcasm!

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