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Sunday, December 23, 2007
posted by Jeff Fuller | 9:19 PM | permalink
Huckabee and his supporters always seem to point out that Romney's attacking him. The already nascent Huck-a-bust will undoubtedly be blamed on Romney by Huck and his supporters. However . . . I don't think that Romney had anything to do with the fact that essentially every conservative with a microphone or blog has been railing against Huckabee for the last few weeks. Need some evidence?:

Rush Limbaugh
Condoleezza Rice
Michelle Malkin
Ann Coulter (new one here)
Phyllis Schlafly
Bob Novak (others here & here)
Peggy Noonan
Charles Krauthammer
Bob Dole
Sean Hannity
(not frontal attacks, but plenty of concerns about him being the nominee)
Laura Ingraham
Fred Barnes
Joseph Farah (Founder/CEO/Editor of World Net Daily also expresses concern for homeschoolers who support Huck)
Thomas Sowell
George Will (these comments too on a TV news show)
Michael Reagan
Glenn Beck (semi "reconciliation" he's still not too impressed)
Donald Lambro
David Limbaugh (another here)
Michael Barone
Mark Steyn
Kim Strassell
Matt Drudge (it's obvious that he has a bone to pick with Huckabee given his coverage of late)
Pat Buchanan
Jonah Goldberg
John Fund (an interesting video here)
Jim Geraghty
Kathryn Jean Lopez (another here)
Tony Blankley
Howie Carr
James Taranto (here too, don't miss, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 of "No Truck with Huck")
Clarence Page
Dean Barnett
Rich Karlgaard
Rich Lowry (this one too)
Mark Hemingway
Austin Hill
Quin Hillyer
Tom Bevan
Jack Kelly
Deroy Murdock
David Frum
Jonathan Alder
John Hinderaker
Bruce Bartlett
Victor Davis Hanson
Johnathan Tobin
Hugh Hewitt (and another)
Walter E. Williams
David Reinhard
Frank Gaffney (who Huck claimed was one of his Foreign Policy advisors)
Lori Byrd
JC Hawkins
Peter Wehner
Douglas MacKinnon
Paul Mirengoff ( here and here too)
Jerome Corsi
The Editors of National Review (Oh yeah, this one too . . . and both were written BEFORE the NR endorsed Romney)
The Club for Growth
The Cato Institute (Huckabee's F grade for fiscal issue . . . 46th out of the 50 governors ranked. Yes, that's worse than the vast majority of Democratic governors!--PDF here)
Mitt Romney :)
Ron Paul :)
Fred Thompson :)
Rudy Giuliani :)

You can just hear and feel all of these conservative/GOP icons pleading with the voters: "PLEASE DON'T MAKE US TRY TO DEFEND THIS GUY!!!" (should he be the nominee).

Conclusion: Huckabee's not a full-spectrum conservative and the GOP would be unwise to give him the nomination. Romney has had to point out the un-conservative spots in Huck's record because the MSM/DNC axis sure hasn't been (they want him as the GOP nominee) and because McCain and Rudy want Huck to win Iowa to stifle Romney's path to the nomination. However, Romney is hardly alone in pointing out Huckabee's worrisome record.

Update: Welcome Townhall and Hugh Hewitt readers (he linked to this post and called it "An Impressive List . . . of people you do not want against you") Thanks Hugh!! Please feel free to explore the links above and leave your comments here. Also, Quin Hillyer's recent article "The Republican Party: All Hucked Up" contains a list that is interestingly familiar to mine.

Jeff Fuller
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I am a Fundamentalist Baptist and I have my reasons to be suspicious of Mr. Huckabee.

Dr. Rice's first name is Condoleezza.

Mike Huckabee - President
J.C. Watts - Vice-President

Conclusion: Huckabee is not the LGBT Republican candidate that the LBGT line and staff of the RNC and RSCC foisted on the base of the Republican Party fully expecting them to capitulate as they did over fifty years ago with the revision of the ALIMPC in 1955. Fight's on for the federal appellate and the SCOTUS. We're prepared.......are you?

I am afraid of him. His record indicates 6 tax increases, he has openly embraced illegal aliens, he has pardoned at least twice as many felons as the previous 3 governors combined. Yet in his speeches he "sounds" conservative. He is not a conservative.

Approximately one third of LGBT folks vote Republican. Romney is a great candidate in many ways. I don't think any of the other GOP hopefuls come close to him. However, his anti-gay position is troubling. The idea that the way to "strengthen" American families to discriminate against gays is dangerous nonsense.

J.M. Smith --- Washington State

I'm baffled like Medved at the response of the GOP talking points. Somehow many of us missed the memo. Huckabee's positions are not liberal, but they are from the social conservative point of view. Social conservatives apparently make up at least 30% of the GOP judging from the Huckaboom. Why is the GOP so fearful of the social conservative block of the party. Huckabees conservative credentials obviously surpass Romney or Guliani who both served overwhelmingly blue state constituencies and have very weak social conservative histories.

Is talk radio and the blogosphere now fully vested as MSM members in good standing. It certainly appears from the social conservative point of view that gate keepers in new media are becoming just as arrogant Dan Rathers.

I liked Huckabee when I first became acquainted with him. The more I learn about him, the more he looks like a RINO. From Larry Kudlow: "He wants to, if need be, have government regulate salaries. I think he’s crazy. I don’t think he understands the free market business system."

I'm greatly concerned about anyone who bills himself as a "Christian leader" and could so disingenuously make a comment like Huckabee's don't-Mormon's-believe-that-Jesus-and-the-Devil-are-brothers comment.

His apparent lack of judgment is also concerning - from accepting $X00,000s in gifts while he was governor to the profligate granting of commutations and pardons to violent criminals(

Fixed Condi's name . . . thanks.

Also, Huckabee and his supporters are benefiting from "persecution syndrome".

That they (like Anon 11:44) suggest that ALL the conservative commentators (except Medved) have suddenly switched to becoming part of the MSM/Gay-loving culture I just have four words:

Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh

Get real folks!

You could add Victor Davis Hanson to your list as well.

Where was Huck all these years fighting for the conservatives?

Traditional Marriage?
Health care for the uninsured?
Stem cells?
Balancing the budget? (any budget)

Instead he comes out in embarrassing ways talking about quarantine of aids patients 7 years after the rest of the country knew that aids didn't get spread by casual contact.

Its not just that Huckabee isn't a "full spectrum" conservative. The truth is that he doesn't have very many conservative positions at all.

The real problem with Huckabee though is that he not only doesn't believe most of the positions he takes, he apparently doesn't understand most of the positions he takes. He reminds me of the almost-smart kids in high school who turn in papers that follow the timeline and mention all the noteworthy names and points but which, nevertheless fail to convey a real understanding of the material. Its just competent regurgitation without essential comprehension.

Great site!

Would you like a Link Exchange with The Internet Radio Network? At the IRN you can listen to over 50 of America’s top Talk Shows via Free Streaming Audio! In addition you can email the President, VP and Congressional Leaders!!

Huckabee has shown his true colors when it comes to taking money for speaking at events while still elected as Governor. In some states that would be illegal if not openly disclosed and funneled into the appropriate accounts. It definitely appears unethical and doesn't pass the smell test. I don't care one iota about a candidates religion. I care about their values and morals as well as their conservative credentials. Huckabee is soft on crime, soft on illegal immigration, economically confused (fair tax?), naive on foreign policy and seems to want to be Pastor in Chief but he will take the $25,000 to speak to a congregation. He kind of scares me...

You missed Jim
Taranto at the WSJ's Opinion Journal/Best of the Web. See for ex 12/10.

rondoz and Monkeydartz,

Got them added! Thanks for the heads up.

I noticed that Hugh Hewitt linked to this post. Cool Jeff.

Only ONE BIG PROBLEM with your scenario:


The only candiate that could win Hillary is Mike Huckabee.

So, how could the members of the "impressive list" be so dumb to endorse Romney? When a vote for Romney is a vote for Hillary?

And don't think Romney can count on the Huckabee evangelicals to vote for Romney, word is they will write in "Huckabee" rather than vote for him. And the GOP will need those votes to win against the dems.

I'd say those "impressive members of the list" are really just shooting off their own foot, it will be the end of the GOP of which you speak.

You seriously forgot the anti-Hillary factor.

Make no mistake about it, Romney will NEVER win against Shrillary and you all better wise up to that and use your brains and vote for Huckabee.

If not, see ya at Hillary's inauguration! (coronation) and I personally will blame every one of those on that "impressive list."

Anon 11:14:

Dude, come back from the delusion.

Check out these two head to head polls . . .

Rassmusen polling has always been very kind to Mike Huckabee.

So this recent poll was very interesting

* Hillary Clinton 47% (46%)
* Mike Huckabee 43% (45%)

Survey of 800 Likely Voters was conducted December 19-20. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percentage points. Results from the polls conducted and November 30-December 2 are in parentheses.

Now compare that to Romney's numbers from just 2 days prior:

* Mitt Romney 44% (43%)
* Hillary Clinton 43% (46%)

Survey of 800 Likely Voters was conducted December 17-18. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted December 3-4 are in parentheses.

That's a five percentage point spread in favor of Romney (+1% vs -4%).

Also, this shows that Huckabee is now LOWER vs Clinton than his pre-Huckaboom levels. His record and rhetoric are finally starting to penetrate and they realize what a bad idea he'd be. This is also during the same time when Hillary's campaign/image has been falling. Very bad news for Huck supporters.

I’m wary of a minister of any faith as a political leader. Ronald Reagan didn’t have to make fantastic claims of Godliness to attract the Christian right, but simply an understanding that our rights, and thus his authority, came from a higher source. In fact, Reagan wasn’t particularly religious. If you combine this with wishy-washy conservatism and wanting to quarantine aids patients, Huck becomes VERY beatable. Let’s look at the résumé and who can get the people fired up and best articulate the conservative cause. I think that leads us to Romney, Giuliani and even Thompson.

when did Clarence Page become a conservative?

I'm pretty much in agreement with being wary of any faith minister becoming a political leader. Its one of those things, like communism I suppose, that could work in theory but never does in practice. I wouldn't say the Ronald Reagan wasn't very religious because the truth is that we don't know if was or wasn't which is kind of the whole point; I think a candidate should reassure us that he/she has a faith that they hold and, provided that it isn't something loopy or dangerous we should take comfort in their acknowledgement of an authority higher than themselves, higher than the government. Never forget that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both assured us that they were born again and both made continuous public displays of their church attendance. I prefer someone like Mr. Reagan (or Bush for that matter) who says, 'yes, I have faith' and then changes the subject to appropriate political matters.

Darn, I didn't make the list.

Thanks for that long list of blowhards. Now I know I like Mike Huckabee. The last thing we need is another Washington elitist.

James: Talk about not believing in his positions; Romney is a kite that is only concerned about where the wind is blowing.

Jeff Fuller: You forgot to mention that most of the country doesn't even know who Huckabee is. Remember that this will come down to two, and Hillary against Mitt will be the ugliest, nastiest, political joke we've seen in a long time. Huckabee has a way of inspiring people that may have an impact when he's up against Hillary.

By Anonymous Washington_Middle, at December 28, 2007 at 2:39 PM  

Anyone who thinks that Huckabee could beat either Obama or Hillary is nuts. Huckabee is a intellectual lightweight. I'm sorry I'm trying to be kind. The Democrats are putting up their best and brightest. ANd we have Huckabee? Come on!

If we had a choice between a religous bigot who tells a good story and a very well informed experienced woman like Hillary. I can tell you many many independent leaning Republicans will hold their nose and vote Hillary. Our country needs leadership not entertainment.

Truthfully I can't believe I would say that, I spent the Clinton years avoiding the TV everytime either of them said a word. I loathed them. But if Mike Huckabee is the best Republicans can offer I will have to consider what the moderate Democrats can offer me. I can still be prolife and be a Democrat. I know others who are.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that the Republicans and Bush over spent and were corrupt when they ran things. If Huckabee is anything on the ticket I vote Democrat for the first time ever.

If Huckabee wins anywhere the very exsitence of the Republican party is in danger. I can only hope that others will see through him in time to save the party.

Many of us moved to the Republican Party simply because it was the defender of faith, freedom and family. We could care less about those in the country club circle who dominated the GOP for decades. I would put the honesty and integrity of Mike Huckabee up against any of the media and/or polictialc elites who are opposing him. Go HUCK!

Sorry, blowhard elitists: I like Huck. He was elected governor of Arkansas five times and had to clean up the Clinton mess. He knows Hillary better than anybody and knows how the Clintons work. National Review is trying to shove Romney down our throats and now that he is flaming out, they will push McCain. As for Ann Coulter, she stopped being funny several months ago.

Anyone who has bothered to study Mr. Huckabee in depth on their own rather than simply listening to drive by media and bogus sites such as this one - will understand Mr. Huckabee is the right man for president in 2008. Take a few days and study the man for yourself - study them all - including Mr. Romney. Start with the,4945,11-1-13-6,00.html to learn that YES Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers.
Study whether Romney bothered to do his job and risk his future by even considering pardons - start first in determining how many even reached his desk.
Get the facts rather than reading the crap on these mymanromney pages.

I support Huck. But, if Romney wins the nomination, then he can count on my support.

(figuratively speaking)

A few Huck defenders have shown up . . . finally!

to paulschmidt . . . you say "the honesty and integrity of Huck?"

Like the same Huckabe who said he had a theology degree?

The same Huckabee who says that Romney is running "dishonest" ads against him but has failed to point out one factual error in the ads?

Like the one caught repeatedly lying about his record on immigration and taxes?

That's the kind of "honesty and integrity" we need in the oval office, eh? Note to Huck supporters. He's a POLITICIAN . . . and having been a pastor in the past doesn't automatically translate into "honesty and integrity"

And to Anonymous just above . . . so Ann Coulter is only funny when she isn't bashing Huck? If that's the case for you then I'd argue that you've completely lost any sense of objectivity . . . and that's a dangerous thing.


I hit a good number of the links you have listed, showing the supposed distaste these "personalities" have for Mike Huckabee, and half of them didn't even support your point. Are you SERIOUS with this garbage?? I could do the same as you've done here, and put up a really ugly-looking blog and slam up a bunch of names that think Mitt Romney is a robotic, politically opportunistic, John Kerry-wannabe.

One "attacker" you've listed in particular, Michael Reagan, has stated his approval of Mike Huckabee in the past. The article you cite for him, may support your thinking that there's an intentional cross in the background of his Christmas ad, but Reagan calls it "political genius". If that's your example of a "conservative with a microphone or blog railing against Huckabee", bring it on. We'll take it.

So keep compiling your crackpot list. It would figure that something like this (littered with half-truths, exaggerations, and misrepresentations) would come from a Romney supporter.

And remember kids.. a vote for Mitt in the primary, is a vote for him getting utterly "Swift Boated" out of the general by anyone he faces.

Work hard for someone you support rather than working so hard against someone you don't.
Marty in Hagerstown : )

FRED THOMPSON is the best person to lead this country. He is a true conservative and has been his entire life. All one has to do is check his record to see this.

During my time in the Army as an Intelligence Analyst, I served under both Presidents Carter and Reagan (as my commanders in chief). Without argument, President Reagan was the best commander-in-chief a military person could ever have served under. Fred Thompson possesses the same qualities and vision as President Reagan in that he is strong on national defense and sees a dire need to secure our borders and control immigration.

I can think of no better person to lead this country and fix the problems we have. He is the only candidate from either party who has specific and detailed plans on border security and immigration reform; revitalization of America’s armed forces; saving and protecting Social Security; and tax relief and economic growth. These are detailed on his Web site at . I challenge you to find any other candidate who has laid out specific plans to fix anything.

Fred Thompson has published his first principles, some of which are mentioned above. In addition to those, he strongly believes in individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, federalism, traditional American values, the rule of law and is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment — all concepts established during the birth of our country and documented in our Constitution.

Again, try to find any candidate who has laid out their plans to “fix” this country. You will find they all speak in vague and abstract terms on their plans.

For those who have heard Fred Thompson speak, you will usually hear him say that the Fred Thompson you see today is the same Fred Thompson you saw yesterday and is the same Fred Thompson you will see tomorrow. He stands by his principles and values and doesn’t shift his positions based on polls or public opinion; in other words, he doesn’t say what the voters want to hear just to get elected, but remains steadfast on his views and convictions.

During his time in the Senate he focused on three areas: to lower taxes, strengthen national security and expose waste in the federal government. Fred Thompson has foreign policy experience, having served as member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Senate Intelligence committees.

As chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, he opened the investigation in 1997 on the Chinese government’s attempt to influence American policies and elections, and this investigation identified connections with the Clinton administration (documented in the committee’s report).

As a member of the Finance Committee, he worked tirelessly to enact three major tax-cut bills. Fred Thompson remains steadfast and even though a person may not agree with all his views and he understands some may disagree with him, you can count on him to be consistent and unwavering.

Don’t be fooled by his laid back approach and what critics call his “laziness.” As a former assistant U.S. attorney, he earned a reputation as a tough prosecutor and he possesses the toughness this country needs in order to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s issues.

I ask that you take a hard look at what this country needs, then take a hard look at all the other candidates’ views, policies, their records and their track record on consistency. Fred Thompson possesses integrity, loyalty, commitment, energy and decisiveness, all traits of an effective leader, and will emerge as the best person to take this country boldly forward.

Please help Fred win in Iowa:

Leaders Converge on Iowa to Expose Huckabee!

December 26, 2007
Contact: William Gheen,, (866) 329-3999

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is launching an effort in Iowa today, to warn GOP voters about the pro Amnesty stances of McCain, Giuliani, and especially Mike Huckabee who is trying to deceive voters with a tough immigration stance on his website that excludes his comments to Fox News on December 9th when he says illegal aliens can return within days!

"Our team will expose the Huckster and the endorsement of lone Minuteman Jim Gilchrist which will not save him from the truth," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Eighty four leaders have signed a letter rebuking Gilchrist and Huckabee for their support of a touchback Amnesty plan modeled after the Pence plan. Within a few days, most GOP voters will know about this trick."

ALIPAC's William Gheen, Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, and Daniel Smerglio of Voice of the People USA (Hazleton, PA) will be setting up a command center tonight, conducting media interviews, and calling into 42,000 Republican households to warn them about the Huckabee touchback Amnesty plan.

Leaders of other organizations that have signed the letter will be joining them as will volunteers. Mike Huckabee's poll numbers have started to fall because the public hears the news and scrutinizes his record.

"Mike Huckabee has one of the worst records on immigration enforcement of any of the candidates," says Gheen. "We just hope the public can be adequately warned before they vote!"

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a multi-racial, multi-party, national organization dedicated to the enforcement of our existing immigration laws and secure borders. For more information and to view the video of Huckabee's "illegals back in a day" plan, please visit


Paid for by Americans for Legal Immigration
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 329-3999
FEC ID: C00405878

Huckabee to Be Exposed in Iowa for Lies about Amnesty!

Friday December 21, 2007

CONTACT: ALIPAC (866) 329-3999,

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) will launch a campaign the day after Christmas, to expose the Mike Huckabee campaign for attempting to lie about his pro-Amnesty immigration stances, while using the lone endorsement of a Minuteman to shield his plan from scrutiny.

The ALIPAC plan involves massive phone contacts with Republican voters in Iowa, a talk radio blitz, radio ads, and an activist team on the ground that will target 50,000 Republican voter households. ALIPAC's William Gheen, Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, and Dan Smeriglio of Voice of the People (Hazleton, PA) will hit the ground and air waves in Iowa December 26 through 30th.

The goal will be to warn Iowans that Huckabee (Huckster) is trying to hide his stance that illegal aliens should be allowed to leave for a day and then quickly return legally, which is really 'touchback' amnesty.

Gheen, Gadiel, and Smeriglio will be working with others that represent the 84 organization leaders that have released a letter rebuking the endorsement of lone Minuteman Jim Gilchrist and Huckabee's deceptive amnesty plan. (Letter Copy at

"Mike Huckabee cannot escape the truth and if the voters know the truth, his surge will collapse," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "If you look at Huckster's website, he wants you to believe he will make illegal aliens leave the country in 120 days! Strange how he does not mention the part of his plan which allows them to return the next day. Mike Huckabee is a liar and the last thing we need is another liar in the White House!"

While Mike Huckabee's promoted immigration plan appears tough on immigration enforcement, his campaign statements and website omit the part about the fast return of illegal aliens. Mike Huckabee stated on Fox news December 9th that illegals should be able to apply for the path to citizenship like a "credit card" and be back in a matter of days! He has since refused to discuss this position with the press.

Further controversy erupted last week, when 84 Leaders of immigration enforcement organizations quickly rebuked lone Minuteman Jim Gilchrist and the Huckster for trying to trick voters into supporting a pro-Amnesty candidate.

"We are launching an extensive effort in Iowa to try and repair the damage and to warn Iowans about this trick that is being played on them by Huckabee and Gilchrist," says William Gheen. "Mike Huckabee has one of the worst records on immigration enforcement out of the GOP candidates and what makes him the bottom of the barrel is his willingness to lie to the nation. He lied about his theology degree and he is lying about his immigration enforcement promises."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is a North Carolina based national organization that has over 25,000 supporters of all races, political affiliations, and religions. ALIPAC will be meeting with members of the press and Presidential campaigns next week. For more information, please visit us on the web at


Paid for by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 329-3999
FEC ID: C00405878

Leaders Rebuke Minuteman's Endorsement of Mike Huckabee for President

December 17, 2007

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), (866) 329-3999,

The immigration enforcement movement, which is made up of hundreds of organizations, was stunned to hear of Minuteman Co-Founder, Jim Gilchrist's, endorsement of pro-amnesty Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and over 84 organization leaders have signed a letter rebuking him for the endorsement.

The letter, found at, also rebukes Mike Huckabee's deplorable record in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and his verbal attacks on Americans who support enforcement of immigration laws. Signatures include those of the Executive Board of Minuteman Project and the Co-Founder of the Minutemen, Chris Simcox, as well as many independent Minuteman groups.

Copy of Letter and List of 84 Organizations Signed

While Huckabee has released a 9 point immigration plan which appears to be strong on enforcement, the plan lies when it claims that illegal aliens would be given 120 days to leave the US and get in line. His plan imitates the pro-enforcement positions of Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, but in truth, Huckabee intends for illegal aliens to leave for a day and then return legally.

Huckabee's true intentions to provide illegal aliens with a 'touch back' amnesty is found in his interview with Fox News Sunday: "Choosing the President" which aired on Dec 9, 2007 where he states...

"Look, if we can get a credit card application done within hours, it shouldn't take years to get a work permit to come here and pick lettuce... You do have a pathway to get back here legally that would take days, maybe weeks, not years."

"Americans want illegal aliens to leave as the current law states they must," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "The problem with Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilcrhist is they are trying to trick Americans by not telling voters that the illegal aliens only leave for a day, if that, under the Huckabee Amnesty plan. We want to warn America about this trick!"

ALIPAC speculates that many illegal aliens would be allowed to go to their consulates inside the US, which legally qualify as foreign soil, to pick up their new paperwork under this plan.

Over 84 leaders are standing together to rebuke Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist for perpetrating this deceptive amnesty plan on American voters. ALIPAC is considering commissioning a phone poll into 50,000 Republican households in Iowa to ask, "Do you support Mike Huckabee's plan to have illegal aliens leave and walk back in legally within a day?"

Mike Huckabee's Shamnesty for Illegal Aliens!

December 12, 2007
by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

In August of 2005, I was called for an interview by THV-TV News out of Little Rock Arkansas to comment on Governor Mike Huckabee's comments complaining about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on local chicken plants, which resulted in the arrest of 119 illegal aliens. What I said during the interview is even more relevant today "Governor Huckabee is known nationally as an illegal alien’s best friend!"

At the time, Mike Huckabee was known nationally for supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens, which is massively opposed by American voters four to one! This plan forces American taxpayers to subsidize tuition for illegal aliens, thus replacing American students in the limited seats in colleges, while providing the wrong message and encouraging more people to illegally immigrate and bring their children into the U.S. to be trained for jobs, it is illegal for them to have!

The fact that Mike Huckabee would support a policy change despised by 80% of those he swore to represent in public office says a lot about what we could expect from the man as President.

Furthermore, his open denouncement of ICE raids in Arkansas is probably the result of his heavy financial support from Open Borders corporations like Tyson Foods. In Arkansas, the chicken processing lobby is so powerful they call it "Big Chicken".

While the public was cheering the raids, Tyson Foods was upset about ICE raids and so was their bought and paid for politician Mike Huckabee!

Tyson Foods Inc., has their global headquarters located in Springdale, Arkansas and they are the worlds largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork. They were large contributors to Mike Huckabee as Governor and now their federal political action committee, TYPAC, is backing his campaign for President.

Tyson Foods Inc. is one of the most egregious corporate violators of our Federal laws against hiring illegals in America!

In 2003, the U.S. Justice Department claimed that 15 Tyson plants in nine states had been conspiring since 1994 to recruit illegal immigrants, and that this practice was known by senior executives at Tyson corporate headquarters. It was determined in court that Tyson managers had been intentionally working with organized crime elements and temporary service agencies to import illegal alien workers, replace their American workers, and drive down wages. Tyson agreed to join the basic pilot program to screen new employees in 2004, but later raids continued to find large numbers of illegal aliens working for Tyson!

Earlier this year, the company supported the thrice-failed "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" amnesties that were pushed in the U.S. Senate. These legislative attempts to legalize Tyson's illegal labor workforce failed due to massive public opposition with Zogby polls showing only 3% of Americans approving of how Congress was handling the issue! The backlash was so massive that angry calls to lawmakers, which were ranging 50 to 1 opposed, overloaded and shut down the entire Capital phone system!

Mike Huckabee is now experiencing a surge in the polls as GOP core voters continue to abandon John McCain and Rudy Giuliani for their pro Amnesty pro illegal alien records and stances. This is bringing Huckabee's immigration stances into the limelight for scrutiny and his campaign is fully aware that missteps on this issue can send him back down the ladder like McCain and Giuliani.

That is why his campaign has released the "The Secure America Plan" which details his 9-point plan to facilitate the "enforcement of our immigration laws and results in the attrition of the illegal immigrant population"

This is exactly what America wants to hear, America wants to hear about reducing the number or illegal aliens in America. Americans want illegal aliens to return to their home nations as current law dictates!

However, there is a big problem with Huckabee's plan. While most of the provisions will be positively received by the American public, especially voters, his promises to crack down on employers, build a fence, and bolster the border patrol are all nullified by positions number 3 and 9.

Huckabee makes it clear that illegal aliens will have to leave the U.S. However, what he is advocating is the 'touch back' provision which was a trick fielded by the supporters of the failed "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" amnesty bills in the U.S. Senate this year.

In position #9, Huckabee says he would increase visas and expedite immigration processes so "those patiently and responsibly seeking to come here legally will not have to wait decades to share in the American Dream"

Such changes would clearly increase legal immigration levels, which already stand at 1.4 million per year, making America the most generous nation in the world for legal immigration. The majority of the American public, while generally supportive of legal immigrants, is in no mood for such a massive expansion of legal immigration levels considering the intense public backlash against illegal immigration.

Huckabee's intent to expedite legal immigration ties into the real problem with his plan. This is revealed in item #3, where he would grant amnesty to illegal aliens by having them sign up with the government and then leave the U.S. for a day or two and later on pick up new documents across the border to walk back in and say "Look at me! I came in legally this time!"

What a devilish farce! Millions of illegal aliens in America would quickly have no fear of immigration law enforcement and would be on the "path to citizenship" receiving benefits at the taxpayers’ expense. This provision would in effect nullify all of the other immigration enforcement promises of Mike Huckabee.

The mere fact that Mike Huckabee's campaign is imitating the tactics that the pro Amnesty lobby in Washington, DC deployed earlier this year tells us exactly who he serves and that he is willing to try and deceive the American public to accomplish his political agenda! Mike Huckabee has is now promoting the Pence Plan that we call SHAMNESTY!

One more President like that in the White House and we can kiss America goodbye. We will have millions of illegal aliens who have become untouchable by immigration authorities and millions more on the way once America has shown she is defenseless against the Global corporations pushing this agenda!

It gets worse, according to Michelle Malkin's article "Meet the GOP's Border Control Cross-Dressers" (Dec. 11, 2007) Huckabee joins McCain and Guiliani on the dishonest pro amnesty politician front!

It appears that Mike Huckabee has been pandering to the Open Borders Hispanic racist group LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), where he has promised them an 'open door' policy. He has also criticized state legislators in Arkansas who wanted to require proof of citizenship to register to vote! That really takes the cake when you think about the fact Mike Huckabee wants illegal aliens to be able to vote!

Even more disturbing is Mike Huckabee's decision to follow the deplorable lead of Senator's Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy by deriding Americans who are concerned about illegal immigration and opposed to the Senate AMNESTY bills as "driven by racism or nativism."

In an attempt to build street credibility, the Huckabee campaign claims they were inspired to create their plan from an article by Center for Immigration Studies ( Mark Krikorian. While Mr. Krikorian is renowned for his concepts of attrition enforcement, he is opposed to the Touchback amnesty provisions Huckabee's team built in as this measure would nullify all of the other enforcement provisions listed! Mr. Krikorian, while cited as a source by Mike Huckabee's team, would probably call the plan another "No Amnesty Amnesty".

Mike Huckabee is clearly an Open Borders fanatic.

This is why there is a shockwave moving through the immigration enforcement movement after hearing of the endorsement of the Huckabee campaign by Co-Founder of the original Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist.

The embarrassing truth is that Jim Gilchrist has forced distance between himself and the vast majority of other groups and leaders in the immigration enforcement movement over the last year because of his egotistical, unstable, destructive, and growingly bizarre behavior. His behind the scenes actions have created a great deal of alarm from groups such as ALIPAC who were a part of the original Minuteman effort and who have supported Mr. Gilchrist in the past.

After Jim Gilchrist split with co-founder Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, he quickly made enemies out of any group that refused to take a side in the conflict. He would not respect the neutrality of other sovereign groups and adopted an "with us or against us" stance that drove many away.

Jim Gilchrist's last attempt to muster Minutemen volunteers fell apart during the Laredo Texas operations he launched. While the opening day had many attendees, within one week there were less than ten volunteers on the border and Gilchrist himself was not even present most of the time.

Since that time, Jim has been engaged in a bitter battle against the Executive Board of his 501(c) organization after they terminated him from his position as director, which has thrown the whole organization into court battles. While most of our movement was neck deep in the battle against the Senate "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" amnesty bills, Gilchrist was busy sending out his next wave of bitter e-mails decrying the actions of the "hijackers" of his organization.

Many of us in the movement have been keeping quiet about these problems, the threatening e-mails, and personal attacks, hoping that Jim Gilchrist would fade into the background, where his reckless behavior and failed organization could do no further harm to the movement, which is much bigger than Minuteman. We had hoped that his initial contributions to the cause in Minuteman 1 could be saved from his actions of late. Today, the rest of the nation is painfully learning what we know about Jim Gilchrist, due to his endorsement of pro amnesty Open Borders Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Since the Minuteman Project is a tax-free nonprofit organization, which is prohibited by law from endorsing candidates, one has to wonder why Jim Gilchrist is making endorsements for President, which will surely be challenged by other Presidential campaigns and pro amnesty groups.

Perhaps Jim just skimmed over the Huckabee plan like many Americans will do and fell for the bait? It is likely that he was so happy to hear from a Presidential campaign in the midst of his isolation that he jumped at the opportunity to be relevant again?

Jim Gilchrist and Mike Huckabee have made a terrible mistake by supporting a Presidential campaign which has stances in favor of "touchback" amnesty for illegal aliens, benefits for illegal aliens, voting access for illegal aliens, "comprehensive immigration reform" amnesty, expanded visa programs, and more legal immigration. They are both attempting to give the illegal aliens, the US Chamber of Commerce, and their supporting groups like Tyson Foods, LULAC, and La Raza exactly what they want, while trying to dupe the American public.

As Americans representing the 80% of our fellow countrymen and women who oppose this radical Open Borders agenda, we must do all we can to expose Mike Huckabee's true stances and record. We must also make it clear to Jim Gilchrist that he has just erased any positive contributions he may have made in the past to the immigration enforcement movement by lending his support to an 'Illegal Alien's best friend'

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