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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
posted by Mike | 2:40 PM | permalink

It is hard to overstate how infuriated I get when I read assessments of Mitt Romney by people who have no idea of who he is, either personally or professionally. I have known Mitt for almost 42 years, and although we have not been personally close in the interim, every time our paths have crossed, I have been blown-away impressed with the person he is and the things he has accomplished. As the years have passed, I have seen him go from good, to better, to best!

Capturing the essence of this man, Ronald Kessler, chief Washington correspondent of, has written one of the most balanced and complete views of why Mitt is the best man for the job of President of the United States. In fact, Kessler does an excellent job explaining why, out of the current group of Republicans, Mitt is the ONLY ONE for the job!

While each of the Republicans is terrific in one area or another, not a single one of them has Mitt's breadth and depth of talent, character, work ethic, and accomplishment! Kessler explains all of this and more in his clearly stated, outstanding endorsement!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mike B.

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I'll give you a good reason to vote for Mitt Romney.

He knows what he's doing as an executive. Romney knows how to lead well, and he's proven it time and time again. Romney has proven his ability to affect change in private organizations and to get things done. Romney may not have the charisma of the pastor, but he has a unique God given powerful talent to lead and turn around organizations. No other candidate in either party comes close to Mitt Romney's unique experience in the wild west that is the private sector.

Mike Huckabee may be able to shoot a bird, but can he analyze the incredibly complex federal beauracracy and know how to cut out the waste and inefficiency that is killing us? Mitt Romney can and will do that. Mitt Romney can take the federal government and the Washington culture of obesity and waste to the woodshed and set policies that will lead to economic and political greatness for generations to come.

Mitt Romney has the right ideas and plans regarding illegal immigration and on taxation. McCain has proven that his leadership on both of those issues were just plain wrong. John McCain also proved that he is not an effective leader when he drove his campaign into bankruptcy and started taking tax payer money to fund his campaign.

When it comes to the business of leading the world, Mitt Romney is the best of the brightest and we would be foolish not to nominate him.

In 8 of the 10 last elections, the party who has nominated their candidate first has won the election.

Let's put our individual differences aside and agree that Mitt Romney is a good man at heart. Let's put the small differences aside and unify before the democrats do and let's get started on winning the general election before the democrats do. Mitt Romney is poised to win in Iowa and New Hampshire. If Iowa will vote with his head and picks Mitt Romney, Romney stands a good chance of winning New Hampshire. If Romney wins Iowa and New Hampshire, he stands an EXCELLENT chance of winning Michigan. We can turn this thing into a sweep and have a decided unified nomination that will cause the democrats to start shaking in thier wingtips.

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