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Monday, December 3, 2007
posted by Jeff Fuller | 1:42 AM | permalink
With a headline like that you know you just gotta go read and comment on my post at Iowans for Romney

Jeff Fuller
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Dick Morris is a slimy, dishonest, gun for hire, who's only saving grace is that he can't shoot straight.


By Anonymous frankie639, at December 3, 2007 at 7:08 AM  

Here is a question that should have been asked but wasn't: YouTube Question for Giuliani

I think that Dick Morris is a brilliant political tactician - much more so than Karl Rove. I never understood why Karl Rove was supposed to be such a "politcal genius" or whatever other backhanded accolades that liberal pundits gave him. They hated Rove because he won, but what about how he advised his boss on how to govern? I feel a lot of gratitude toward Dick Morris. He convinced Bill Clinton to sign welfare reform, balance the budget, go with "Don't ask; Don't tell" instead of allowing people who think that they are gay to serve openly in the military, and the immigration bill signed by Clinton was much better than Bush's amnesty. In fact, due in large part to Dick Morris showing Clinton how to save his own behind if he wanted to get reelected, we had one of the best Republican presidencies in a long time. And yes, I am referring to Clinton as a Republican! In many ways when it comes to public policy, Clinton made for a better Republican than Bush. Clinton had 2 years of extremely liberal governance, but then after the wake-up call that the '94 Congressional Elections gave him, Clinton tried to act like a Republican. Karl Rove tried to do the exact opposite. In an apparent desire to appease liberal Bush-hating crazies and in order to prove that Bush wasn't too far to the Right, Rove pushed Bush far to the left. Bush signed massive farm subsidies, pushed his horrible, horrible, horrible, massive entitlement Medicare prescription drug plan, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the George W Bush Campaign Finance Reform Act. I know that most people refer to this as McCain-Feingold, but Bush is the one who put his signature on it! Anyway, my point is that you may not like Dick Morris, but he is a political animal who is extremely bright. He is very Machiavellian, and Romney would do well to have someone like Dick Morris in his inner circle of advisers.

I do not doubt your conclusions with Dick Morris, Mike Up-Chuck-abee, and Rudy Giuliani. But this is politics, and Dick Morris understands that better than most.

And Tom-

I'm not sure if you realize it or if you agree with it, but that link that you put on there under questions for Giuliani appears to go to one of those anti-Israel conspiracy theory video websites.

We cannot start blaming victims for crimes. They attacked us because of what we did? NOT! Their decision to attack us on September 11, 2001 was a decision on their part to murder innocent civilians in order to promote their culture, religious beliefs, and way of life. I get so sick of people who say things like "Well if she didn't wear that, then there wouldn't have been a problem. She was being provocative!" A victim is still a victim no matter what. There is no way to make the perpetrator of a serious crime somehow less responsible because he or she was provoked.

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