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Sunday, December 2, 2007
posted by Jeff Fuller | 11:34 AM | permalink
ICA Pres. Steve Scheffler said while introducing Romney and discussing the race: "Rudy cannot be elected."

Notice how he didn't just say: "Iowa Christians shouldn't vote for Rudy" . . . no, he strongly implied (in the presence of Mitt) that Iowa could have a strong effect in stymieing a Rudy nomination. James Bopp Jr. was there and said that Mitt is the only GOP candidate that can take on and take out Rudy and that, therefore, a vote for anyone but Romney by Iowans was a essentially a vote for Rudy.

See more at my Iowans for Romney post where I delve further into the irony and hypocrisy of Huckabee cozying up to Rudy.

Shouldn't the supposed newfound champion of the Evangelical Christian movement have a bone or two to pick with a national "front-runner" who is pro-abortion, pro-gay agenda, and largely anti-religiosity? Instead, Huck keeps kissing up to Rudy at every opportunity. Aren't people bright enough to see through this charade?

Note to Huckabee supporters . . . a VP doesn't get to make judicial appointments. A VP cannot veto pro-abortion legislation. A VP cannot go against his President and fight for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. And if you think your candidate can beat Rudy, why isn't he attacking him on anything NOW?!?!?! (the excuse that he's just "waiting" reeks of greater political opportunism that you could ever accuse Romney)

Jeff Fuller
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