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Monday, December 3, 2007
posted by Jeff Fuller | 3:00 AM | permalink
A quick quiz . . .

Question: Which candidate has (wait to click on the links if you don't want to ruin the suspense):

1) A GOP pro-abortion group attacking him with negative TV ads in Iowa (and New Hampshire)?

2) A GOP gay agenda group (the Log Cabin Republican) attacking him with negative TV and radio ads in Iowa? (Also, this candidate is front-page issue #1 on their website where they are soliciting donations to help take him down.)

Answer Key:
Logically that should be the supposed newfound leader/candidate of the Evangelical Christian movement Mike Huckabee, right?

Wrong, the correct answer is Mitt Romney.

Believe me, there's ammo on both these issues that these groups could go after Huckabee if they wanted to (like him comparing abortion to the Holocaust).

Now think about this: which candidate do you think the GOP pro-abortion and GOP pro-gay agenda groups ARE pulling for in this race?

That's a no-brainer . . . it's THE GOP candidate that IS pro-abortion and pro-gay agenda . . . Rudy.

Many see that this is a way for Rudy to attack Mitt without doing it himself and without using his own money. But what is being lost is that they are holding their fire for Huckabee, because even they see that any challenge to Mitt in Iowa is good news for Rudy.

Makes ya wonder, eh?

Jeff Fuller
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