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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
posted by Aaron Gulbransen | 10:42 PM | permalink

-Crime, wow that was dreadfully understated, I am surprised that Rudy didn’t try to hammer his crime record home.

-Wow, Paul said something coherent.

-Thompson made a good point about abortion.

-Federal ban question is interesting. Giuliani gave the politically correct answer on Roe v. Wade. Romney had a good

-“Death penalty, what would Jesus do?” I hate that argument. Jesus wasn’t all sunshine and fluff. Read the New Testament.

-“Jesus was too smart to run for public office.” –Huckabee. As much as I hate to admit it, that line was golden.

-“Do you believe every word in the Bible?”

-Rudy seemed uncomfortable with the question.

-“I believe the Bible is the word of God.” – Romney

-Alright, Huckabee, we know you were a minister.

-Romney’s videos are always the best. I liked the rolling up the sleeves


-“What would you do as President to repair the image of the United States in the Muslim world?” Why is no one asking the Muslim world how they can repair their image in our eyes?

-Rudy always gives great answers in relation to terrorism questions, as does John McCain.

-Ok, the best line may now go to Duncan Hunter. “I will never apologize for the United States of America.”

-Romney always gives great answers when asked about terrorism and methods used.

-Oh, McCain just hit him with righteous indignation. Romney’s response was good, though. I doubt this will leave a lasting impression.

-The British were the ones that messed up the political boundaries in the Middle East in the first half of last century.

-Ron Paul couldn’t even name the Kurds to the North.

-Ron Paul is completely wrong. The terrorists hate the west because they do not dominate the west. They want to dominate the west. The Arabs as a people once dominated the world but were stopped. Then they faded and became backwater countries and are angry about it. They believe that they have the right to take over the world. It doesn’t matter what we do, the terrorists will still behave the same way.

-Rudy was a great mayor, but a great mayor does not make a great president.

-Too much power for the VP? I don’t know, but I’m pretty impressed with a man that shot another man in the face and the guy who he shot wound up apologizing to him for causing him trouble. I love Dick Cheney.


-A homosexual General just asked a question about homosexuals in the military. This guy is trying to make one last stand for his homosexuality. This may be controversial, but homosexuality is a choice. If one wants to serve in the military, one must choose which is more important to them. In the military, the needs of the many DEFINITELY outweigh the needs of the few.

-National debt question. Fred had a good quip, “I would protect their generation from our generation.”

-Again, Romney is the only one I trust in relation to economics and fixing our fiscal problems.

-Why don’t African-Americans vote for Republicans? My answer is that unfortunately, as a community, they bought the Democrat lie that Democrats care more about them than Republicans do. Then, over the years the Republicans have written off their vote. Elections are a game of numbers and are often thought of in the short-term. The minority vote has note been cultivated because it is doubted that it can be counted on.

-Dicey question, a question about the Confederate flag… Romney’s answer was great. The Confederate flag has no place in the public sphere.

-Ron Paul was asked about running as an independent and said that he was not going to because he was a Republican. That didn’t stop him from running for President as a Libertarian in the past.

-The last question was a softball and Giuliani handled a laugher. Rudy laughingly pointed out that the Yankees hadn’t won a World Series since he left office.

-As a Mets fan, Romney clearly at the best line of the night: “Like most Americans, we love our sports teams, and hate the Yankees.”

-Overall this debate has been extremely entertaining. The question is, did we demean the process? I believe we did. I believe that Americans do have the right to question their potential leaders, but the manner in which it was done is ridiculous. The YouTube debate should never happen again. I was for the debate and even joined Patrick Ruffini’s petition to save it, because the Democrats did it and it put the Republicans in the position that they would look like tightwads by refusing to participate. The bottom line is that this debate hurt the dignity of the process. If you were a foreigner or a terrorist watching this debate, what would you think? The format of the debate was horrendous.

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Yeah yeah yeah, Your man Willard stuttered and stumbled so many times that he sounded like an old teletype machine.

And of course he didn't like the Fred Thompson campaign. Do the words flip flopper come to mind....hmmmmm.

Vote for Mitt as the winner of the debate:

His only weak spot was when the gay general that works for Hillary's campaign intentionally tripped him up. Besides that, Mitt glowed and won the debate!

"Why is no one asking the Muslim world how they can repair their image in our eyes?"

I asked the same question.

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