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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
posted by Timotheus | 9:42 PM | permalink
Did I miss that? Did Huckabee's ad have the "Christian Leader" tag line edited out in the version just aired? Perhaps he felt the heat I sent his way? I may have just missed it.
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I'm glad that Mike Up-Chuck-abee appears to be pushing for and is accepting anti-Mormon bigotry either openly or by not having the guts to stand up against it. Up-Chuck-abee is a slimy & disgusting coward. But even worse than that, I wouldn't doubt that Up-Chuck-abee himself holds these same negative feelings and resentments about Mormons that many of his bigoted supports appear to have. What did Up-Chuck-abee himself say when the Southern Baptist Convention named Mormonism as a “religious cult” recently? And as head of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, did he support the classification or object? Although, I can’t stand Jimmy Carter’s politics, I do have to give him props for openly abandoning the SBC for this and other reasons. At this point, I'd like to remind everybody that there was also one point where Rudy Giuliani came out swinging in defense of Mormons when confronted with questions about possible anti-Mormon rebel-rousing by his campaign. For his defense of Mormons, Giuliani deserves his props. But I guarantee that if Up-Chuck-abee doesn't step up and start defending Mormons specifically and talking about how he would not tolerate bigotry from his supporters and covert bigotry in his own TV advertisements, Mr Up-Chuck-abee is going to have to write off winning the entire western United States if he somehow becomes the Republican nominee. As his ad more than subtly tries to remind voters, don’t forget that Up-Chuck-abee is the “CHRISTIAN LEADER”, and Mitt Romney is the evil Mormon!

Early in the election process, some in the liberal media tried to ask the question of what Mormon voters would do if they felt that Romney lost the nomination solely due to his Mormon faith. Would the vast number of Mormons who vote Republican stick with a "Conservative" party that appeared to have strong religious leanings against Mormons in particular? And an even greater question, what if the eventual nominee either allowed or himself fostered such religious bigotry? Would Mormons, the most reliable base in the Republican Party, just accept it and vote Republican anyway, sit on their hands instead and not vote at all, or “gasp” start voting against everything that is good in the world and vote Democrat just to spite Up-Chuck-abee and his religious bigot supporters?

Well, I can't speak for an entire religion, but I am one Mormon, who would not currently vote for Up-Chuck-abee under any circumstances because of his apparent anti-Mormon hostilities or at least acceptance of those feelings within his campaign and supporters, and I would even go as far as voting for Hillary to ensure that someone who was openly hostile to my faith did not get into the White House or even become Vice-President. Up-Chuck-abee had better step up is all that I'm saying or he can kiss the Republican bases in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, and much of the Western US goodbye.

When Barry Goldwater decided that he believed in supporting "States' Rights" over protecting the civil rights of African-Americans, blacks moved en masse from supporting the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, whos leadership, in their minds at least, didn't want to leave them for dead. Could Up-Chuck-abee be the Republican who forces Mormons out of Reagan's big tent?

you did miss it. The word "Christian Leader" was there just as plain as when I first saw that bigoted ad.

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