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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
posted by Anonymous | 10:04 PM | permalink
Romney rightly points out that our country doesn't need the confederate flag. Compares it to the divisiveness of John Edwards saying there are two Americas. There is only one. Stars and Stripes Forever.
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I was considering voting for Romney in the Georgia primary until his insulting answer concerning the Confederate battle flag. He'll pay dearly for that answer in the very critical South Carolina primary.

You may have noticed the only candidate likely to give an answer you would like concerning the flag, Fred Thompson, agreed with Mitt. So who are you going to vote for, Hillary?

If the Confederate flag wasn't a symbol of racism (which it is), it would still be a symbol of TREASON. One thing for sure: to the victor goes the spoils, and if people down south want to fly the Confederate flag, how about they win the Civil War next time!

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