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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
posted by Aaron Gulbransen | 10:13 PM | permalink
I wrote down my thoughts as the debate was running. I thought I'd share them with you. These are unedited.

Running Thoughts:

-Thank God Anderson Cooper is moderating this instead of Wolf Bitzer.

-Governor Crist has sure spent a lot of time in the tanning bed.

-I sure hope that Duncan Hunter gets a cabinet position.

-What is Ron Paul still doing on the stage?

-Was it just me or did Mitt get the biggest cheer when he came out?

-Gloria Borger just said she expects to see Romney taking a lot of hits “because he really the man to beat.”

-The montage at the beginning was hilarious but probably demonstrative of how ridiculous this may become. Hopefully I am proven wrong.

-The first video, the one where the guy played the song was hilarious.

-Brooklyn guy asked great question and nailed Rudy on illegal immigration and really nailed him. For all the talk that Romney is a flip-flopper, Rudy is a flip-flopper on illegal immigration. Romney got a great follow-up and explained his opinion very well. Romney got pissed at Rudy’s point, but it was good that he showed his anger. Unfortunately, I think that Rudy won the exchange because of his very basic response that illegal immigrants had worked at Romney’s house.

-Wow, there is real animosity between Rudy and Mitt.

-Here’s the real story about Romney’s “employment” of illegal immigrants. He hired a landscaping service to work the grounds of his home. How many of us actually check the green cards of people that work for our landscapers?

-Is it me or is it impossible to watch Fred Thompson speak without thinking of Arthur Branch? (His role on Law and Order) Thompson just insulted Rudy about Kerik without mentioning his name. I laughed out loud.

-Rudy is losing steam on illegal immigration because others, not just Romney refuted his claim that NYC wasn’t a sanctuary city.

-Giuliani’s and McCain’s habit of splitting hairs on illegal immigration annoys me. New York was/is a sanctuary city, while McCain’s immigration bill was amnesty.

-Tancredo has a good sense of humor. He’s a one issue guy, but I agree with his stance on that issue. “I reject that there are jobs that no American will take.” Good statement.

-Duncan Hunter could probably kill a man with one hand tied behind his back.

-There is no question that we need to secure our borders. The crowd was behind answers that said as such.

-Huckabee just got nailed on illegal immigration by comparing illegal aliens tuition breaks with the children of military members.

-This may be the line of the night, “Mike, it’s not your money. It’s the taxpayer’s money.” –Romney

-Romney has a Joint MBA/JD from Harvard and he graduated with honors. Does anyone realize how hard that is to achieve?

-Ron Paul looks like he is going to keel over.

-Republicans did let spending get out of control.

-McCain made a great point about the SCHIP. I also think he plays well in the debates. I wish he was as conservative in real life as he is on TV.

-Mitt is the only one I really trust in terms of curbing spending.

-The out-of-control spending has really hurt the Republican Party. When your base is upset with you, you are not in a good situation.

-Ron Paul got owned by McCain. His supporters tried to drown McCain out. I have absolutely no respect for Ron Paul or his supporters. Get Ron Paul off the stage. He has no business being there.

-Getting rid of the IRS and the Fair-Tax got Huckabee good applause.

-I really don’t think Huckabee would keep to that pledge given this and other things he’s done.

-Mitt just gave good reasoning why he supports farm subsidies AND tied it in with energy independence. Nice.

-Tancredo’s video was cool.

-Romney is pro-life.

-Commercial Break-

-Thompson made me laugh with his comment about not telling anyone where his guns are. I’m surprised that McCain does not own a gun.

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Yeah, Thompson did back up Romney on Giuliani's sanctuary city. Thompson for VP? I am so fickle.

I just cannot understand Giuliani on this. He won't back down from his position, which was clearly a sactuary city policy. And yet he faults Romney for employing a company which employed illegal aliens? Romney doesn't support companies employing illegal aliens. There is just no comparison. It is a false dilemma.

Why do people think Rudy makes sense using that argument? It doesn't make sense!

I can't believe you missed McCain's awful make-up job!!! Even my teen boys said, "what the crap is wrong with this guy's face????"

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