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Monday, November 19, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 10:23 AM | permalink
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The nice thing about Mitt Romney is that he is someone you can trust, implicitly. He has a nice family, doesn't beat or cheat on his wife, does what he says he'll do, and so forth. He's shown time and time again in different areas of his life what kind of character he has. This appeals to lots of voters like me. I want someone I can trust will do what he or she says they'll do.

I want someone, like Mitt, who will do everything in his power to prevent another war from starting, say, in Iran.

Now, with every good thing there are always negatives. The negative is that if someone can prove (and make it appear) that Mitt is sneaky and under-handed, some of that support goes away. Such people have no problem turning a despicable act of religious bigotry into a nefarious plot by the victim. They might even repeat the religious bigotry, saying it is justified (I've seen that a few times on some of the comments sections on the links you've provided).

The good side to all of this is that it reminds us of what kind of person Mitt is. Those of who familiar with conspiracy theories, spin doctors, and even just plain old propaganda, won't fall into the trap. We'll stick with Mitt and when the truth comes out it won't surprise us very much.

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