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Sunday, November 18, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 8:47 AM | permalink
OK, its time to debunk some of the more ridiculous things going around the blogosphere by anti-Romney forces:

Claim: Ron Lindorg and his family are the in pocket of Mitt Romney and therefore they were the source of the WW anti-Mormon calls to help his campaign.

This is silly and false:

  • Ron Lindorf, the founder of Western Wats, completely divested his interests in the company in 2004.

  • Ron Lindorf did not found the BYU Business School. However, Ron Lindorf is affiliated with the Center for Entrepreneurship which is affiliated with the Marriott School of Management. After retiring from WW, he now teaches a class or two at the business school.

  • Ron's sister in law, wife of Ron's brother, Paul, is used to establish this close connection with WW. Paul retired from WW over 5 years ago in 2002. He has not been affiliated with the company in any way since that time.

Claim: Western Wats is based in Utah, filled with Mormons and many of them have given money to Romney and they instigated the call to help him.

This is stretching things altogether:

  • Western Watt's current CEO is not a Mormon.

  • Perhaps as many as 6 employees have given money to Mitt Romney. Statistically, that's even low by Utah standards (the company employs 1500 people)

  • American Capital Strategies sold WW in December of 2006.

  • Niel Hahl (another name to come up in the news) has not been on the board of directors since Dec. 2006. He is not directly affiliated with WW in any way.

  • WW is owned by a private equity firm located in the Northeast.

  • Not a single board member is Mormon, including the CEO as previously mentioned and the Chairman

Claim: It must have been the Romney camp. Why would an opposing campaign use a Utah-based Mormon-rich firm to conduct the calls?

  • WW employs 1500 people across the country

  • WW has numerous call centers across the country (not just in Utah)

  • If you are a political entity wanting to conduct a survey or collect data WW would be one of the first firms you would call

  • WW has conducted research for numerous Fortune 500 firms

  • As previously notes, firms associated with other campaigns HAVE used WW in the past

  • WW conducts 7000 projects a year. My estimate of a dozen projects is flat wrong. At any given moment they are conducting HUNDREDS of projects.

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This is unrelated to anything on here, but I thought that Mike Huckabee's latest ad showing him with Chuck Norris was absurd and insulting. So, I wrote him what I thought about it on his website and we'll see if they post it or he responds. The following is my short letter to him:

Dear Former Governor Huckabee-

My question to you is how I am supposed to think that you are at all serious about solving illegal immigration? Your solution is "Chuck Norris?" Does Chuck Norris = instate tuition for illegal aliens? Or does Chuck Norris = being an antagonist and race-bater against anybody who wants to end illegal immigration? Or does Chuck Norris = supporting amnesty for illegal aliens as you have in the past?

Since in my estimation you have been one of the worst Republicans in the nation on the issue of illegal immigration, I would think that in order to solve this problem, you would talk seriously about this issue instead of further making a joke out of it. Somethings just are not laughing matters. Illegal immigration creates an underclass that can be exploited by employers in a fashion similar to slave labor. Illegal immigration depresses wages. Illegal immigration leads to crime. I live in Arizona, a mere 45 minutes away from the border with Mexico. Our porous southern border, which is the main thoroughfare for drug smugglers and illegal immigrants and could easily be transversed by potential terrorists wanting to blow up American children, just doesn't seem like an issue where it is wise to make a "Chuck Norris is the answer" kind of claim. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope that you take this issue more seriously if you ever become President of the United States. American children will be depending on you.

Everyone should note that Mitt Romney's former finance co-chair Alan B. Fabian was indicted on Aug. 9 by a federal grand jury on 23 counts including charges of money laundering, mail fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice. Romney would be dead out of the box if he ever got the nomination, already he averages more than 10% behind Hillary Clinton in match ups; in comparison McCain is within the margin of error.

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