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Monday, October 1, 2007
posted by Anonymous | 3:42 PM | permalink
Well, the speculation is raging over 3rd quarter fund raising numbers. I personally would expect Romney to be in the high single digits and would be exuberant if he is in the double digits.

There is some talk that Fred Thompson may be sitting around 8 million. Pardon me, but that's horrible. In fact, if Romney and Rudy beat Thompson, I believe it would be a devastating blow to the Thompson candidacy. Sure, most voters probably don't follow the numbers, but the party leaders, the activists, the people who do the complex signaling of endorsements and favors between now and the nomination, will know Thompson's candidacy is as exciting as jury duty.

Then there's this piece, which suggests that Romney could cut himself a large check at the first of the year and spend it in the early states before anyone would ever know. Sounds so ominous. I love it. If your the opposition, you've gotta be freaking out.

Finally, McCain, looking like 5 million. Considerably better than I expected. If people continue to take Thompson seriously after his 8 million, they should take McCain seriously too.

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Keep in mind that Thompson's reported just over $8 million does include his June numbers ($3.5 million)since this is his first filing with the FEC. That's right - he will have raised less than McCain and Richardson for the third quarter. About 40% of what McCain raised in his first quarter and less than 25% of what Mitt raised.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 1, 2007 at 6:43 PM  

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