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Sunday, September 30, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 8:08 AM | permalink
This is a bit off topic (i.e. not directly related to Mitt) but its something that every candidate and every informed voter should look into.

I just finished Tim Weiner's extensive history of the CIA entitled: "Legacy of Ashes." Hugh Hewitt has done a lot to promote this book and for good reason. First, its a great read that details some of the most interesting points of history surrounding the CIA. Second, it is an overwhelming indictment of the bungling craziness that pervades our intelligence agency even to this day.

Need more evidence? When was the last time the CIA actually issued a press release trying to refute a book? Why do they care? Because Weiner is supposed to be one of them... a New York Times writer who's not a conservative.

Bottom line: the CIA needs work... lots of work.


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