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Monday, October 1, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 1:56 PM | permalink
I just got finished reading the Newsweek article about Mitt Romney. It is well…interesting, I guess. Most of the info in it I was familiar with already, although they had some additional interviews with former mission companions of Mitt’s. The second most notable thing about the article is the consistent harping against Mitt for not living up to his own principles (which certainly begs the question, ”How does Newsweek know what Mitt’s principles are?”). Apparently Newsweek forgets about the beam (or should I say “Koran in the Toilet”) in its own eye.

The most notable thing of the article is the writers’ obsession with finding a narrative in which to frame Romney’s life. Unfortunately, by the writers’ own apparent concession, they fail, even after disregarding significant portions of Romney’s life to find an answer. Newsweek seems befuddled by the contradictions, changes, and turns that form a person’s life. They also seem more than willing to attribute their own perceptions of Romney’s motivations to Romney himself:
"Romney had to be a savior in a very public setting, and he thrilled to the chance."

"He would not be Mitt the Mormon this time, but Mitt the turnaround specialist who could work his Salt Lake City magic to save Massachusetts from fiscal ruin."

"Romney finally had his chance to fulfill his father's wish for him, to govern with principle, and his own wish for himself, to be his state's white knight."

"Conversions of convenience were frowned upon in young Mitt's upbringing, but the adult Romney seemed untroubled."

"So what kind of president would Mitt Romney be? It often seems that Romney himself doesn't know. More disturbing, he is also unwilling to truly look to his own history for the answer."
These are the statements of lazy journalists, intent more on fictionalizing than on reporting, as if they were writing a draft to a movie script rather than doing a biographical sketch. If I was Newsweek writing an article about Newsweek, there would be sinister statements about its only wish to be the top news magazine, sacrificing principle and unwilling to look at its history on how to get there. Of course, such absurd projections from an outsider would seem overtly agenda-driven and self-serving. Yet somehow, they pass for journalism at Newsweek.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised. I will now begin holding my breath as I wait for a correction to the story…..

…still holding…………still holding……


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