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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 10:21 AM | permalink
Critics can say what they want about Romney buying his votes or flipping on issues... but he is the only candidate out there that has deep, articulate and detailed policy proposals. Today, the Romney campaign has put out a 70-page document detailing his positions on numerous issues, including 50 specific proposals for a stronger America.

Romney has been putting these proposals in place, piece by piece, since January. This represents an impressive and comprehensive approach to presidential platforming - I don't know I've ever seen anything like it before.

The "booklet" has the look of a corporate annual report and includes the entire text of his speeches at the Herzliya conference, Foreign Affairs, the Club for Growth conference, and the National Right to Life Convention.

My favorite policy proposals include the 5-point plan on dealing with Iran, his 1% inflation spending model, executive authority for lower spending, SOX reform, minimum % allocation for military spending, reinstating the 60% supermajority for raising taxes, and his 6-point effort to deal with immigration.

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With all due respect, this is more than a "dog bites man" story. Mitt's lead in New Hampshire is starting to shrink. At the same time, Hillary is widening her lead. That is not good for conservatives, like myself, who do not like the other options.

Huckabee is not an option at all. He has been a pro-amnesty antagonist against true border security for years, plus he raised taxes. And he seems to think that conservatives are mean-spirited (whatever that means). And Fred Thompson IS OLD! WAY, WAY TOO OLD! So, I am becoming more committed to the Mitt Romney candidacy every day. But let's not kid ourselves. If Guilani, who is closing the gap with Romney in NH or Fred (the OLD, OLD MAN) who is also gaining ground, pass Romney in NH, Mitt's chances begin to go down. And this will not be good for Republicans. To nominate someone who is a pro-murder of the unborn like Guiliani, would force a conservative independant to run from the right, siphoning off @ least 5% of the vote nationally by people like myself who would refuse to vote for pro-murder Hillary or pro-murder Guiliani. I'd rather lose one election than lose my Party. The other alternative is Fred Thompson, who probably won't live long enough to even see Election Day. He is that OLD! Or at least he looks that OLD!

The funny thing is that after all of this, we come back to the realization that the only two acceptable "first tier" candidates are Romney and (gulp) John McCain. I wouldn't vote for any of the others.

Well said. However, Romney still IS in the lead. And in Iowa, his lead is still huge (which will probably give him a 5% bump in NH a week later). As people begin to pay more attention, Thompson's #s will disappear again and the voters will move to Mitt. These poll numbers are temporary and Mitt will be up 15% again by November 1st.

I would caution against puting too muc hstock into this new average. It is important to remember that GMR has been rising pretty steadily, and though we are used to seeing him only rise lately, there are bound to be some dips along the way. let's not jump to conclusions about what these dips might mean in the long run.

GMR has a solid organization there and lots of support, and he is resonating with the voters. It may be a more gradual, fluctuating rise from here on out, it's much easier to rise from 20-30% than it will be to rise from 30-40%, even harder from 40-50% (at least until more lesser candidates start dropping out). But let's wait a few weeks before we start claiming that his lead is shrinking. Sure, it has shrunk slightly, but is it "shrinking", as in, will it continue? We shall see. I am guessing not.

Will someone answer the question for me of why Fred Thompson is so high in the national polls and why he is so wildly popular for doing nothing, saying nothing and like anonymous says "being OLD, really OLD?"

I just don't get it.

I think that one of the reasons for Romney’s recent drop nationally and the tightening of Romney’s leads in Iowa and New Hampshire is because of the last debate. Romney didn't do as well as he has in past debates, and this wasn’t entirely his fault. The attacks against Romney by the questioners (inquisitors) and to a lesser extent by McCain were quite brutal indeed. Romney survived better than one would expect based upon the seemingly spiteful questions that were asked him. In fact I’m almost surprised he survived at all with how vicious the questioning was at some points. But regardless of the fact that he came out standing, Romney did get quite beaten up and hence the slide in the polls. I'm not sure why FOX News was feeling so threatened by Romney that they went into such negative questioning of him. It was somewhat surprising to me. Regardless, I think that has a lot to do with his slight decrease in the polls. More importantly, McCain is beginning to fight, and REALLY, REALLY OLD Thompson is getting his temporary spike in the polls. I'm not sure how old Thompson will do in the debates, but I just can't see him matching with any of the other candidates with how poorly he has done off-the-cuff so far.

So, Romney must stop any McCain momentum dead in its tracks & he needs to focus his Guilani attacks better. Guilani defended well the illegal immigration attacks by Romney during the last debate. Romney needs to look like someone with a solution who better defines the problem and gets right to how he'll solve it. And he can do this while showing how McCain & Guiliani are not capable of solving a problem they have helped create.

I agree that the recent dip in the polls for Romney in Iowa and New Hampshire come in part from the last debate, but I believe that it is only temporary. I believe that as the "Thomson will save everything" attitude begins to cool, or as I believe stall out, voters will start looking at Romney as the more conservative option. Polls are going to rise and fall thoughout the election season for Romney, but this doesn't mean that it will continue. As IZ stated in his comment, " will it continue? We will see. I am guessing not."
Romney, in my veiw, knows that a slight fall in polls does not add up to disaster. He is used to seeing this in business and I believe will take it in stride. We will see, but I'm putting my money on Romney turning those poll numbers around.

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