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Saturday, January 27, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 9:19 AM | permalink
Newt opened the event today (Mitt ends it tonight!). Here's Newt on a roll talking about International Affairs:

Marvin Olasky spoke first from the panel. The eminent scholar, who along with Newt Gingrich, is the reason I'm a conservative.

Salient Points:
  • The only way to small government is to embrace compassionate conservatism
  • People want to do SOMETHING. Helping people is a crucial issue and we cannot shy away from it
  • Compassion is a phrase that some think the left has taken. We need to take back the language
  • Compassionate Conservatism is the alternative to Big Government
  • Like Reagan, we need to recognize the great potential of the people
  • Two things we can do: 1) $500 tax credit that you can assign to any charity and 2) Social services vouchers

Congressman Paul Ryan spoke next. He sits on the several prominent committees such as the Ways and Means.

Salient Points:
  • At the GOP getaway. He indicated that the crowd was split in thirds 1/3 thought we lost because of Iraq, 1/3 because of corruption and 1/3 for spending
  • 3 problems: competence, corruption, and hypocrisy
  • We need big ideas!

Former Congressman Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania. Awesome guy. Everybody loves his approach.

Salient Points:
  • Understand 3 things 1) the default setting of government is bigger government, 2) Almost all bad things come from government and 3) Fighting big government still works!
  • We have squandered the brand but the opportunity to get it back is still there

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We miss Pat here in PA!

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