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Friday, January 26, 2007
posted by Ben Wren | 12:24 PM | permalink
Hello readers!

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ben Wren. I reside in Erie, PA and am in my final semester of studies at Gannon University in Erie.

Last year I worked for Senator Rick Santorum's re-election campaign as his Regional Political Director in the Northwest of PA. Prior to that I've volunteered for the Pat Toomey for Senate campaign and of course Bush-Cheney 04.

I have blogged on two different sites. Prior to being with the Santorum Campaign I wrote for The Santorum Blog and currently write for PA Water Cooler, a blog on PA Politics.

For the first time in 80 years the nominations for president in both parties will be wide open with no incumbent president or vice-president seeking their party's nomination. In this environment the numerous candidacies of varying qualities we see today could be expected. Republicans and more specifically Conservatives are facing a crisis of ideas and beliefs and lack a consensus candidate. In my opinion, once they begin to look at their choices many of them, as I did, will see Mitt Romney and be excited

They will see many things

  • They will see a successful businessman

  • They will see a man who has looked corruption in the eye and fought it back in the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City

  • They will see a governor who worked with Democrats to balance Massachusetts budget without raising taxes

  • They will see a man who has not been reflexive in his policy views but has followed his heart and come to his conclusions after study and thought.

  • They will see a man who believes that life begins at conception

  • They will see a man who will confront our enemies with courage and one who will not shirk.

These are the things that I saw.

I am proud to be joining this effort to elect Mitt Romney as our next president. We are a mere 648 days from the general election. There is much to be done. Let's get to it.

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