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Saturday, January 27, 2007
posted by Ben Wren | 9:33 AM | permalink
Romney Picks up Rep Camp(R-MI) as Co-Chair of his Michigan Campaign
Rep Knollenberg(R-MI) will also serve as Co-Chair. Both will serve as liasons on Capitol Hill.

Hoekstra Endorses Romney

Romney Hitting South Carolina Monday

But even with the deck stacked against him, the GOP momentum in South Carolina
for the Massachusetts pol is running high. “He’s got a natural charisma,” said
Dawson of Romney. “He’s really got a good flavor for the state.”
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney's conversion

Two years into his governorship, in February 2005, Romney announced his
opposition to stem cell research. Then, to the dismay of his pro-choice
supporters, he vetoed a July 2005 bill making available Plan B or "morning
after" contraception. Also that year, in an op-ed for the Boston Globe, he
declared himself pro-life.

I say look at someone's deeds.

Romney in Iowa:
KCCI: Romney Touts Conservative Views in Waterloo
DesMoines Register: Romney Wants to put Focus on Conservative Views
Over 250 people filled a local establishment in Waterloo to hear Romney speak. Not bad at all
Iowa Politics: Romney Touts Education Plan
Iowa Politics: Romney Favors Surge Strategy Over Subdividing Iraq

Romney puts Shine on his All-Star Team
Good rundown of who's on Team Romney on Capitol Hill

DNC on Romney's speech tonight at National Review's Conservative Summit
"Smooth talking Mitt Romney's campaign to charm conservative activists is
falling on deaf ears," said Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Stacie
Paxton. "As hard as he tries, conservative leaders can see that Mitt Romney
believes telling voters what he thinks they want to hear is more important than
addressing the inconsistencies in his record."

Just what I need. Far left Liberals telling me what a Conservative is. Incredible. I guess it shows you who they really fear!

Keep checking back here for more throughout the day.

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