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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 5:52 AM | permalink
Hugh Hewitt sat down with Mike Huckabee recently to discuss his new book. In a ranging interview Hewitt confronts Huckabee about his fixation with Romney:

HH: Well Governor, I want to get to all that. We’ve got a lot of time. I want to get to the fair tax, I want to get to a number of things. But obviously, the headlines about the book do concern Romney. And I went through it, line by line, page by page, read the whole thing. There are more mentions of Romney in this book that there are of either John McCain or even of your campaign manager, Chip Saltzman. Do you regret the focus at the end on your opponent?

MH: No, I don’t, because I think a lot of the focus during the campaign was about Mitt Romney. And the reason I didn’t talk more about John McCain, though I talk about him quite a bit, was that the book was put to bed after the primary had completed. I wanted to be careful not to say something that might be harmful to John McCain’s candidacy. And Mitt Romney and I were both out of the race. I talked about Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, but I don’t think I was unfair, and I don’t think I was untrue. Everything in the book, I think I can back up. And there’s not a thing in that book that isn’t verifiable and factual.

HH: Governor, you don’t mention the word Mormon once in this book. Is that…

MH: There’s a reason for that.
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Mike Huckabee and his holier-than-thou pharasitical evengelical crowd are precisely the reason we are staring at a pro-abortion, pro-tax, soft on immigration white house next year. They derailed the best candidate we have ever had in this country because of their hateful bigotry. They are getting the administration they asked for. I hope they will be wiser in 2012. Wouldn't we all be better with Mitt taking the helm next year?

Mike Huckabee is such a little man. He is a whining baby with something that reminds me of a Napoleon Complex. He is so jealous of Romney and needs to get over his own inadiquicies with weight, his own appearance, his terrible teeth, his own fat wife & fat family.

All of these things, along with the fact that Huckabee has not made a dime in the private sector before being a politician make him undesireable.

Huckabee is a vile sub-human amibic parasite who feeds off of the host which happened to be Republican Party voters. He needs to back off of his calling others out for not being Republican enough. There are so many Republican ideas - such as free enterprise - which Mike Huckabee repudiates whenever he gets the change.

How can a person as dumb as Huckabee actually be allowed to register to vote as a Republican? There should be a bylaw within the Republican Party platform that requires a minimum IQ in order to be registered to run as a Republican candidate. There is no way Huckabee would even have half the required IQ necessary. He is a jealous, petty, stomach-stapled idiot who belongs more in a country like communist China than here in the US.


Mike Huckabee is not a stupid man. Mike Huckabee went from nowhere in the polls to win Iowa and nearly win South Carolina. Sure he had some help, but he did garner the votes to do that.

You need to tone it WAY, WAY down. We (Romney supporters) don't need to talk that way about him. Take a clue from Romney himself about how to talk about Mike...

zeus, unlike other candidates (MH) Mitt Romney did not resort to personal attacks or cut downs. We don't need to start now. Mitt Romney did attack the positions of his opponents. With Mike Huckabee, this is not difficult.

Ok, now that I've read the important bits of the article, time to comment. I don't like Mike Huckabee and I think he is misguided in certain areas. However, we who dislike Huckabee must stay objective. He is really backpedalling on his "Mormon hate". In fact, more than once, I have heard him defend the LDS stances in certain areas. Since we have no evidence to contradict it, we must believe that he really did apologize to Mitt Romney about his question on LDS faith that may or may not have been represented by a liberal media. We must not blame Huckabee for the decision of the church he belongs to having set its convention in SLC, UT (as stupid as that was). You can say he was misguided by attending the convention, though I would attend a convention of my church, if I had the chance, no matter where it was, even if it were in Italy or Jerusalem.

There was a lot of media manipulation going on during the primaries. Remember, the MSM, Democrats, and the old hat Republicans are all afraid of Mitt Romney. You could see it on all stations, including FoxNews (which lost me as a steady viewer, I still watch on occasion.) That is why we are hearing so much "love" being reported for Sara Palin. They want her running, not Mitt.

They are afraid of Mitt because they know he fixes things. And "Washington is broken." He has true private and public sector experience. He fixed the SLC Olympics. He fixed many aspects of Massachussets. He has the ability and wherewithal to fix the country, especially in this time when we need him. Perhaps the rest of the country will wake up to this in 4 years.

Oh, sorry, back on topic. Please try to remain objective. There are plenty of other hypocrisies and errors to point out in Mike Huckabee. How he feels about the LDS faith and/or its people should not be the topic in a political forum. (Note, this is a public forum on many topics, not just political. I respect that.)


It was not to Mitt Romney that the moron Mike Huckabee should be apologizing about his anti-Mormon rhetoric & his fomenting & embracing of anti-Mormon support during the Primary campaign. It is not Romney to whom Huckabee should have been apologizing. Huckabee needed to apologize to Mormons everywhere, all over the world for his comments & campaign tactics. Huckabee needed to fly to Salt Lake City & apologize directly to the President of the Mormon Church.

Romney is a Mormon, but ROMNEY DOES NOT REPRESENT THE MORMON CHURCH. Attacks on Romney's Mormon faith were obviously below the belt & probably hurt Romney personally. But Huckabee's attacks were directed at ALL MORMONS - EVERYWHERE. Just because after one debate, Huckabee ran over to Wolf Blitzer and said on TV that he had apologized to Romney after the debate doesn't make Huckabee's anti-Mormon rhetoric somehow disappear. He doesn't seem to get it.

Imagine this: a candidate has an opponent who is Jewish & says something dumb to the press like "Wasn't it Jews who killed Jesus?" Then after it comes out that he said such idiotic drivil, he goes and apologizes to his opponent & then runs to a TV reporter immediately to tell him that he had apologized so it is suddenly all better. The problem, once again, is that this candidate would need to make a public apology to ALL JEWS. Unless a person is the leader of an entire faith, that person does not represent that faith.

Mike Huckabee had no chance whatsoever to become President & his chances only saw a tiny speck of daylight once Senator Brownback decided to end his Presidential campaign. But Huckabee is still bitter about it. In his book, he attacked Mitt Romney repeatedly, mostly because Huckabee is uncontrollably jealous of Romney's faith.

But Huckabee also attacked Fred Thompson - apparently for not getting out of Huckabee's path - like Thompson somehow owed Huckabee something & he attacked every Evangelical leader in the world who didn't just fall in line behind him. Huckabee has also attacked Sarah Palin, and I personally believe that it was likely a Huckabee supporter like Chip Saltsman, the former campaign manager of the Huckabee campaign, who spread all of those vicious rumors about Sarah Palin after McCain lost. Then, of course, somebody blamed it on Romney people. Huckabee tries to kill two birds with one stone on this one. And Huckabee just might get some in-fighting between Romney & Palin out of it too. Of course, Mitt Romney & Sarah Palin were both mature enough not to take the bait. But I hope that Palin doesn't hold Romney with suspicion because of this.

Now, onto your idea, Machtyn, that it was the MSM that has pushed the whole idea of Sarah Palin of 2012. That idea is an automatic since she will be the immediate past nominee for VP. By the way, Huckabee was seething about this too. He said: "I was scratching my head, saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute. She’s wonderful, but the only difference was she looks better in stilettos than I do, and she has better hair.’ It wasn’t so much a gender issue, but it was like they suddenly decided that everything they disliked about me was O.K. . . . She was given a pass by some of the very people who said I wasn’t prepared."

I feel that there may be slightly too much Mitt worship by his supporters. The same goes for Palin supporters & supporters of many potential candidates. We need to wait to see what happens over the next few years before attacking any potential nominee. Romney, Palin, Bobby Jindal and possibly a few others could all be good choices in 2012. We don't want to attack our own guys. Let's let the Democrats do that. Of course, Huckabee is the exception to this rule. Attack away at that jerk.

Hey, uh, Zeus? Could we just leave the whole fat thing out of stuff? I am a fairly fat woman who also collected signatures in Indiana to help put Romney on the ballot. I recently graduated college Summa Cum Laude at the age of 54. I am a mother of five children and from what I hear, a pretty nice person, and a strong member of my church. So, let's leave the fat stuff out, ok? I get really tired of it. I used to be an athlete, but took some pretty bad hits to the disks in my back one day when I lifted some weight wrong. I herniated three of the disks in my back. It got tough to even walk after that. I used to run six miles every other day and use a Nordick Track for an hour on the other days. At the age of 50 I had two total knee replacements, not from being fat but from running on concrete in cheap shoes, and the effects of arthritis that started in my late 20's. Fat people are fat for different reasons. So could we please lay off? I know this is really off topic, but heck....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 1, 2008 at 2:20 AM  


Thank you for bringing up the fat thing again. The reason why I mention it in the first place is once again to point out another one of Mike Huckabee's hypocrisies.

Mike Huckabee was a very fat man, not due to health issues, but because he ate too much & exercised too little. Then one day, he had enough money to pay to get liposuction & have his stomach stapled. Now, Huckabee tries to lecture the rest of the world on losing weight & exercising. If Mike Huckabee would have lost weight that he had gained from dieting better or from a strict exercise regimen, then I would give him all due credit. But instead, he paid some doctor to take a vacuum & suck his fat out of him. Now, he thinks that he's better then other people with weight problems, because he was able to afford medical weight loss. That's just priceless, and another example of what a fraud Mike Huckabee is.

I only attack his fat son because Huckabee's fat son is a slobby & disgusting human being who actually cruelly tortured and killed a stray dog as a Boy Scout camp councilor. Yeah, and the slob thought it was funny too. And Huckabee's fat wife gets attacked because she has just stood by while her sleazy husband has tried to advance his political career through lies, distortions & religious bigotry & she stood by after her husband fired the police commissioner who investigated her son's animal cruelty.

And Anonymous, I hope you the best. You sound like you could be a wonderful woman, and I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope that you have a long & happy life with your family. I mean you no offense. But as you can probably tell, I mean Huckabee every offense that can be taken from this post.

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