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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
posted by Anonymous | 3:05 PM | permalink
Does anyone else think that Obama wouldn't be able to pass a background investigation for a sensitive U.S. Government position? Between the dope use and the friends he keeps, I wouldn't give him national security clearance.
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No of course he wouldn't, but law and order has seemed to just disappear this cycle. The MSM is witholding info from the public. Voter fraud is ignored. Obama hasn't even been required to provide a legal copy of his birth certificate! Did you see that vid of the FBI agent that infiltrated Ayer's group, saying these college elites conspired to put everyone in re-education camps or exterminate some 25 million hard-core capitalists? I'd like for Obama to expound just a bit more on that so we can understand his intentions better....can you just feel our freedoms disapating...

Well, since he's a Senator that means he *already* has a security clearance. Which seems odd, becuz I have friends who have Top Secret level, and the sheer "Who do you know and who has ever known you?" line of questioning got taken out to friends of friends of friends.

Of course, if BHO only has "Secret" level, then only his listed references would have been checked (I have Secret myself, and that's all they did for me) and so Ayers and Rezko et al could have "slipped through."

I am pretty sure there is no background check for Senators. First of all, who would do it? The FBI, as part of the executive branch, would be prohibited, I think.

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