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Thursday, September 4, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 7:15 AM | permalink

Some more thoughts:

  • This is pure talent. There's no way around it. You can't learn that.
  • Her timing is fantastic! She keeps the applause at bay and the lines moving.
  • She rarely gets interrupted by the crowd mid-sentence and her mid-applause game face is perfect.
  • The world was expecting a demure inexperienced girl from the Northern Exposure. Not!
  • The base is turned on and fired up!
  • The MSM is speechless and dumbfounded
Sarah just set the bar VERY HIGH...

... but, thankfully, the MSM and the Left have lowered it for her to clear again!

Question: How do you reset expectations for Palin after the speech of a lifetime?
Answer: Let the Obama campaign and the media do it for you!

"It was her speechwriter" they all exclaimed. OK. You go on thinking that. Those hurdles get lower and lower every time you chime in.

If your significant other is anything like mine, politics is an indulgence rather than a passion. My wife was still indignant at McCain for the West Virginia/Hucakabee stunt during the primaries against Romney.

There was a moment when Palin was retelling the "pinhole" story of McCain as a POW. My wife commented that Palin got a bit teared up but it came across so sincere and unaffected that she instantly bonded with her and was moved to respect for the hero of the story, McCain.

This morning my wife said: "I was ready to vote for Palin on the ticket but last night Palin made me want to vote for McCain as well."

Meanwhile, you go girl!
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