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Thursday, July 24, 2008
posted by Anonymous | 3:33 PM | permalink
Dick Morris argues against Romney for VP in this short piece. What Morris fails to recognize is the extent to which Romney energized many people. Romney's performance was not as lackluster as Morris suggests. Prior to Super Tuesday, Romney led in popular votes. Romney's problem came with fighting a multi-front assault from Huckabee in Iowa and John McCain in New Hampshire. It was difficult for Romney to beat both Huckabee and McCain, as it was for Huckabee to beat both Romney and McCain. Morris' criticisms are as true of Huckabee as they are for Romney. In fact, one could easily switch their names in the piece. Huckabee only won places where evangelicals had a strong showing. The rest of the party wasn't hungry for his fiscal liberalism and nanny state tendencies, even if he did tote a gun and hate gays.

Do I think there are reasons for McCain not to pick Romney as a VP? Sure. Morris' suggestion that a pick from the center of the political spectrum would help McCain is not out of the realm of possibility (although many people continue to believe that what is needed is more energy from the right). Nevertheless, there are many people out there, like myself, who want to see Romney win. Romney as VP candidate would energize many people who have been sitting on the sidelines since his withdrawal.
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You forgot to mention that Huckabee is a DOPE.

Morris was cold on Romney from the get-go. He never missed an opportunity to express criticisms about Romney that would have been far more damaging to other candidates had he the honesty to apply them there.

I will always view Dick Morris as the disgruntled former assoc of Billary. I have never cared much for his commentary.

Ah, Dick Morris is a political heavy weight who is used to seeing lifetime politicians tackle this game of politics. Congratulations Dick you are witnessing a true professional take politics over. The days of talking and pandering for votes is over. Action speaks louder than a politicians words. Mitt is action!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 25, 2008 at 9:26 AM  

I always take what Morris says with a grain of salt. Yes he's always disliked Romney and I'm pretty sure he secretly advised Huck during the primary,making Iowa all about using religion as a wedge issue.I think the list is down to Romney and Pawlenty.Romney's been on vacation in Ontario so it won't happen till next week. It amaze sme that Obama gets more creds on the economy although he's never ran a darn thing.

It's no secret that Morris worked for Huckabee in the past. He stated so during the primary. As Morris continues to do Huck's bidding with these bash Romney pieces, makes me highly suspicious he is back on Huck's payroll. You see Huck's staff are not content to hype their guy. Sometimes they are content simply to diss Romney. They see Romney as the biggest obstacle to their guy's success. But Romney is the least of his problems.

Nevertheless, it would be great fun in a perverse sort of way to watch Huckabee try to support a McCain-Romney ticket. Its questionable if he can even bring himself do it. Oh what delight it will be to watch him squirm!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 26, 2008 at 2:11 AM  

Morris is nothing but a political hack. The guy has no core values or beliefs at all, he just does whatever he can for who his best buddy is at the time. Weather it was Clinton before (now of course he hates the Clinton's cause they canned him) and now it is Mike Huckabee.

Everything Morris says should just be laughed at.

Dick Morris is alway so wrong on so many issues. Can you really think of a lot of times he was right??? Nope, didn't think so. The only time he is right is when he tells the truth about the Clintons. That's about it!!1

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