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Friday, February 8, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 7:11 AM | permalink
Bottom line: the Romney campaign made their bed with the early state primary strategy and got short-sheeted.

The momentum that Huckabee gained through his stunning Iowa win together with the victory that McCain edged out in New Hampshire seriously maimed the Romney narrative.

Of course, there were plenty of other factors to break the back of Team Romney:
  • The relentless flip-flop bashing
  • The anti-Mormon rhetoric
  • The numerous dedicated anti-Romney sites (more on this later)
  • The suppressed candidate syndrome
  • The 11th hour johnny-come-too-lately endorsements
  • Never getting an "inevitable" moment
But there were so many things the campaign did right, did well, and made history on:
  • Breaking the mold on fundraising tools, events and programs
  • The outreach to new media
  • The news machine intent on winning the information war
  • Utilizing the family as surrogate candidates
  • The online innovations that never NEVER stopped
  • Combining business best practices with traditional campaign approaches
  • Honing the GOTV effort with locale prowess
The list goes on...

As Patrick Ruffini notes the campaign did almost everything it needed to... it just came a little bit short.

On another note, I need to thank you, our readers. We saw our audience grow from 60 readers a day to 6000 in less than a year. The encouragement you gave us made this effort here on MyManMitt a joy and an inspiration.

What will happen to the site?! Stay tuned.
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Justin, you did a fantastic job working to get Romney the nomination.

I'm on board with McCain, but I think maybe if the Romney campaign had used your positive approach, things might have been very different. If you haven't been told yet, let me be the first to say what you have done has been a real bright spot!

I mean it, too! :)

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