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Thursday, January 31, 2008
posted by Anonymous | 4:33 PM | permalink
Field Operative Casey Huffmire sends in this report from the Romney rally at a furniture business in Fountain Valley, California:

"It was packed I was outside looking into the warehouse. It was a good stump speech. Most of it, of course, I've heard before, but the funniest part was when he talked about McCain during last night's debate going off on a stream-of-consciousness ramble about punishing Wall Street and some town in Norway when asked about adjustable rate mortgages. Romney impliedly said he has no idea what McCain was talking about and then explicitly said he was sure McCain didn't know how to address U.S. mortgage/financial problems. Overall, very good--it was crowded and people were enthusiastic and chanting along at appropriate times."
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Just FYI...

The smartest thing Mitt could do,

to rejuvenate outside interest in the campaign,

to bring in lost women conservatives who want to see a women in the White House,

and generate amazing free press in the mainstream media,

would be one simple thing...

and that thing would be to announce Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP!

For more info see


I wish there was 2 more weeks before all these states get to vote. There's a huge wave of support coming to Mitt but I'm fraid the wave is about a week behind. There really seems to be a lot of enthuiasm for Mitt as his events. he has truely caught on but McCain still has a better name ID for passive voters. That said Mitt is only down 4 points in Cal. which is really amazing for as long as McCain has been around. Wouldn't surprise me if illegal immigration finally catches up to him there.It would really be great if Mitt could pull Arizona out.

Well, I put my money where my mouth is and made another $$ contribution to Mitt's campaign. Living in the East County of San Diego, and 20 miles from the border, I cannot STAND the thought of McCain's amnesty crap going through. We are all sick of illegal immigration here. Just this morning I saw some illegals walking through my property with their "Juan McCain 2008" signs!! Viva l'amnesty!! (tongue in cheek on the McCain signs....)

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