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Thursday, January 31, 2008
posted by My Klob | 1:16 PM | permalink
  1. McCain does not have the diplomacy skills necessary to be a president.
  2. McCain has an anger problem.
  3. McCain has made a lot of enemies.
  4. McCain is mean.
  5. McCain has problems with self control.
  6. McCain is arrogant.
  7. McCain holds grudges.
  8. McCain is in denial with regard to his anger problem.
  9. McCain personally attacks anyone who disagrees with his policies.
  10. Anger is a problem.
  11. Mccain uses personal attacks instead of talking issues.
  1. McCain flip-flops.
  2. Mccain changed on Jerry Falwell.
  3. Mccain flip-flopped on Abortion.
  4. McCain flip-floped on Bush tax cuts.
  5. McCain flip-flopped on torture.
  6. McCain flip-flopped on Kyoto.
  7. McCain flip-flopped on gay marriage.
  8. McCain flip-flopped on ethanol.
  9. McCain flip-flopped on the confederate flag.
  10. McCain flip-flopped on the Iraq War.
  11. McCain flip-flopped on immigration.
  12. Mccain flip-flopped on taxes.
  13. McCain flip-flopped on ethics reform.
  14. Mccain flip-flopped on Mcccain-Kennedy.
  15. Mccain flip-flopped on the bush tax cuts.


  1. Mccain uses class class warfare. Class warfare is bad.
  2. Mccain does not understand the economy.
  1. Mccain has not had executive experience.
  1. Mccain is a hypocrite.
  2. Mccain supported the same kind of benchmarks that Romney did.
  1. Mccain lied about Romney.
  1. Mccain is the Democrats' favorite Republican.
  2. John Mccain has more democrat friends that republican.
  3. John Mccain is not a very good republican.
  4. Mccain is friends with Hillary.
  5. Mccain is friends with John Kerry.
  6. Mccain is friends with Ted Kennedy.
  1. John Mccain is not the best republican candidate.


  1. McCain will have a problem getting female voters, especially against Hillary.
  1. Few people like Mccain in the Senate.
  1. John McCain is not very good on taxes.
  2. John McCain is not very good on the economy.
  3. John McCain is stubborn.
  4. John McCain will loose to the dems.
  5. John McCain will hurt the republican party more than Bush.
  6. If we don't stand for issues, and we are just a party of personalities we have nothing.

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You forgot one - he has a striking resemblance to the possum road-kill I passed by today while driving home - bared teeth, scruffy white patch of hair, and decidedly runty......

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 31, 2008 at 7:54 PM  

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