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Thursday, January 24, 2008
posted by Nealie Ride | 8:36 PM | permalink

Hugh Hewitt wrote this piece earlier today:

The Elephant In The Room

Look at all the GOP polls in Florida.

After 24 years in the Congress, thousands of hour of MSM exposure, a presidential campaign in 2000 and a keynote at the 2004 Convention, plus tens of millions of dollars in ads, John McCain's highest support number is 25% and his lowest is 18%.

The GOP rank-and-file know John McCain, admire his heroism, and reject his politics and record.

The idea that he is a "front-runner" is absurd. He should be the front-runner. He should be sweeping all before him. Instead he is trying to cobble together an inside straight, which tells us that he is a phenomenally weak candidate.

The Arizona maverick is the candidate of the MSM, pure and simple. The MSM is powerful, but powerful enough to overcome three-quarters of the GOP electorate and force a second Bob Dole campaign on the party?

How about a new acronym? MSR--Main Stream Republicans.

McCain is incredibly disliked by this group. The MSR will continue to coalesce around Mitt and defeat McCain.
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I wasn't previously aware of the extent of John McCain's temper problem until I read a Newsmax story that reveals how he reacts when his peers disagree with him or tell him they won't support him.

Is an out-of-control temper a desirable quality for commander in chief of the most powerful armed forces in the world? How could a nasty temper affect the decisions a president must make under pressure? Americans are choosing not only the president of the United States, but also the leader of the free world.

Here's an excerpt from the Newsmax article titled "Romney is the Real Deal" published Wednesday, December 26, 2007:

"Romney has not been found to have a vicious, out–of-control temper, as is true of John McCain. Nor did he twice oppose President Bush’s tax cuts — a key ingredient in the current the economic recovery — as did McCain.

“He [McCain] would disagree about something and then explode,” said former Sen. Bob Smith, a fellow Republican who served with McCain on various committees. “[There were] incidents of irrational behavior. We’ve all had incidents where we have gotten angry, but I’ve never seen anyone act like that.”

Over the years, McCain has alternately denied being prone to angry outbursts, admitted he struggles to control his anger, and claimed he only becomes angry over waste and abuse. But those who have experienced it say his anger does not erupt over policy issues or waste and abuse. Rather, his outbursts come when peers disagree with McCain or tell him they won’t support him."

I think McCain's problem needs to be revealed to more voters.

In contrast, Romney's MBA and doctorate from Harvard, his proven record of success in making the right business and financial executive decisions time after time, his commitment to secure our borders, and his lifetime devotion to the family values cherished by most Americans demonstrate clearly that he's the man for the Whitehouse, the man most capable of standing up to the insider lawyer/policiticans, the man most likely to bring real change to Washington.

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