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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 11:36 AM | permalink
The Louisiana GOP realeased this statement about the caucus last night. I can't make much of it because they don't tie the delegates to which candidate they represented. If someone can make more sense of this than me, let us know at

On Tuesday night, approximately ten thousand Louisiana Republicans caucused in 11 different cities across the state. Those attending the caucuses cast their vote for 15 delegates and 15 alternates to represent their congressional district at the 2008 Louisiana Republican Convention. Results were tallied on site late into the night and then reported to Republican Party Headquarters in Baton Rouge. Of the thousands of ballots cast, approximately 650 were cast provisionally.

Before these provisional ballots are counted, LAGOP staff must verify that the voter was a registered Republican voter in his or her congressional district as of November 30, 2007. The counting of provisional ballots in the 3rd and 7th Congressional districts is not needed to verify the results as the margin of victory for all winning candidates is larger than the number of provisional ballots casts. For the other five Congressional districts, Republican Party staff members will begin the process of verifying the results through each parish's registrar of voter's office. Once that process is complete, the Secretary of the Republican of Louisiana will certify the official results.

Prior to the tabulation of the provisional ballots, the uncommitted "Pro-Life/Pro-Family" slate appears to have won a majority of delegates in all seven congressional districts.

All candidates who ran for alternate delegate in the the 2nd, 3rd and 4th congressional districts won after qualifying as there were 15 or fewer candidates for those positions. The files below contain the unofficial results broken down by district and position. The P column shows the number of provisional ballots cast.


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Since not knowing much does not stop me from commenting here goes.
To decode these results I think we would need a list of delegates for which Romney, McCain, Paul, Giuliani, and Huckabee campaigns advocated. One of the reports I read said that there were at least some common names on the pro-life groups list and the Romney list (this was written by a Romney supporter on a Paul discussion board). That the pro-life group had such a showing (the only info offered by the Louisiana GOP) would seem to be bad for Giuliani. Other than this, I think there is little to be gleaned from what seems to be publicly available.
Thanks, TOm

I was able to find the "Pro-Life/Pro-Family" slate list and compare it to the unofficial results. They pretty convincingly dominated. The Paul sites are all enraged about the Pro-Life slate, claiming it's a conspiratorial "fusion" slate put up by the other candidates to lock the Paul delegates out. I haven't been able to find the individual candidate slates, except for the McCain slate in one district. There was no overlap between them in that district, and the Pro-Life slate got 12 delegates and McCain the other 3. I read one anecdotal report on Free Republic that one person was on both the Pro-Life and Romney slates.

Unless I can get my hands on the official candidate slates, no-one can really convincingly claim a win out of LA, since the Pro-Life list hasn't publicly aligned with a candidate. The Ronulans may have a point, and the other campaigns may have condoned the Pro-Life slate with a wink and a nod to keep no news from coming out of LA and to keep Ron from winning.

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