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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
posted by Anne | 10:46 AM | permalink
From Jay Cost, The HorseRace Blog, RCP, "Is McCain Inevitable?", talking about concerted conservative opposition. Very important piece for us Mitt-backers. Read it all, but one excerpt:
There is an ideological conflict brewing in the GOP - but not the one we thought we would see. This means that the way we have looked at nominations over the last few cycles does not hold. I think this contest could be longer than many have intuited - and the results in Florida could determine exactly who emerges as the "anti-McCain" candidate.

Do not expect the press to catch this dynamic. It understands the here-and-now of contemporary politics much better than the forces and institutions that have guided it for decades. One effect of its misunderstanding will come on Super Tuesday, which it will treat just like the general election. That evening, it is going to focus relentlessly and exclusively on who wins which states - as if delegates are allocated like Electoral College electors. Do not get caught up with this, regardless of how splashily it is staged. With the prospect of a McCain candidacy, and the ideological divergence it implies - this is not the best way to analyze Super Tuesday, even though it is an important aspect. We also need to wait until the next day to see how the delegates are meted out - that will indicate just where this race is going to go.

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I enjoyed Cost's article today but twice he had to interject that McCain was the fronrunner. Based on what? This is the kind of sneaky bias that drives me up a wall.

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