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Thursday, January 31, 2008
posted by Anonymous | 8:14 PM | permalink
... for evidence that McCain is not a conservative than his endorsement today by Arnold Schwarzenegger (And yes, I know how to spell that last name without checking it).

I was part of the Arnold revolution in California. During the recall of our former Governor, Gray Davis, I actively participated. I placed many yard signs for him. I was at the rally in San Diego when he admitted to some bad behavior with women who say he groped them. I called into John and Ken on KFI 640 talk radio and actually said, on the air, "I would rather have Arnold for Governor than be groped for every dime I have by Gray Davis!" This was in spite of the fact that he was pro-civil unions and pro-choice. Simply put, he was a better alternative than what we had.

After Arnold's election, I continued to be active. I even had an event with about 40 law students to promote his ballot initiatives for which he had called a special election for. But he lost those initiatives. And then, Arnold gave up the Republican party. He appointed Susan Kennedy as his Chief of Staff. In addition, he has continued to sign legislation that has expanded domestic partnerships in California. California is a gay marriage state for all intents and purposes, only minus the word married. He is also weak on illegal immigration (He may sound like he isn't, but he is fundamentally, no different than McCain on letting people who are here have amnesty via a "special pathway.") And as I mentioned yesterday, he is now proposing letting tens of thousand prisoners out early. And I have given up Arnold and gone instead with conservatism.

Arnold gave up conservatism in order to attract love from liberalism. Sound familiar? It should. There is a reason that Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani get along so well and its not because they are all Republicans. In California, the people who oppose Arnold are Republicans. If John McCain is President, it will be the same. John McCain has proven that by his positions now and his actions in the past.

One final lesson. When you elect a RINO, it moves the whole culture to the left. You need someone who believes in your values to preserve them. Elect Mitt Romney for conservatism.
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Timotheus, I also campaigned for Arnold.

I am deeply disappointed in how he is doing damage to the California GOP.

He campaigned as a conservative and has governed as a liberal (like Huckabee, like McCain).

It is no small wonder that he has endorsed McCain.

True CA conservatives will not be impressed or surprised.

By Anonymous bethtopaz, at January 31, 2008 at 9:26 PM  

Well, I didn't vote for Arnold, I voted for the other now long forgotten conservative guy. And I was pleasantly surprised, for a while. Then as California became increasingly less family friendly, we had to move. After Prop 22 was totally ignored, having been voted into law by a majority and everything. True conservatives are getting to be a rare breed. Vote ROMNEY

I just listened to Dennis Prager replay the Mitt v. JM exchange about Iraq deadlines/timetables.

JM just lost all of the good will he generated with his FL victory speech. I ain't voting for JM, and I hope I won't be able to--GO MITT!

At least you Schwarzen-kennedy supporters learned your lesson :-).

I voted for McClintock and made my first political donation to him ever (a whopping $50 bucks!).

So, I bear no responsibility for the basket case they call Califoria!

Yeah, the only problem I have with McClintock has always been his unequivocal support for Indian Gaming. I lived many years in Thousand Oaks and voted for him as State Senator, but I calculated Arnold to be the better decision during the recall. Could we have generated enough support for McClintock to win, I'm not so sure. He lost the Lietenant Governor race a few years later.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 1, 2008 at 8:09 PM  

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