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Saturday, January 26, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 10:37 AM | permalink
Gina in Gulf Breeze says this:
On January 25th I attended a Mitt Romney Meet & Greet event in Pensacola, Florida. An active campaign volunteer, I worked the table at the event; collecting volunteer cards and contributions to Mitt’s campaign. The audience was charged and the enthusiasm was like dynamite ready to ignite. By the end of the event over two hundred people were chanting, “But They Haven’t” and clamoring for their Mitt Romney yard signs.

Also at the event were the ubiquitous Ron Paul Supporters, hoping to disrupt the Romney event and get some media coverage for their guy. Quite graciously, they were escorted off the private property but encouraged to stand on the public access street with their signs. The only expectation was that they not be disruptive of the event being held on private property.

A few Romney supporters looked out onto the street, shook their heads and asked, "Can’t we make them leave; they’re kooks?” I then shared my opinion about Ron Paul’s supporters. As a dedicated Romney fan, I think MittHeads should love the Ron Paul people. I tell Ron Paul’s campaigners, “Thank you for thinking about our country’s future, for exercising your right to vote, and for being a member of the Republican Party – we may have our differences during the primary but we also have some common ground and I hope you’ll remember that after the primary.”


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I voted for Mitt today in Florida, I was feeling very confident up until I heard that Gov Christ endorsed McAmesty. I think this is going to send all of the " undecided" seniors in his direction.

I hope that Jeb Bush will now feel compelled to come out publicly for Mitt, It would be a big shot in the arm.

Also, Mitt needs to get back on message and not be distracted, It's obvious that McAmesty is trying to do anything to change the conversation from the economy back to the war.

Mitt's campaign must finsh strong !!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 27, 2008 at 1:32 AM  

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